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  • bruce springsteen klasiklerinden, born in the usa albümünden yüksek tempolu bir şarkı. pikaptan dinledikleri üç dakikalık şarkıdan okulda öğrendiklerinden çok daha fazlasını öğrenen, "teslim olmamaya" yeminli kankardeşlerin öyküsünü anlatır.

    we busted out of class had to get away from those fools
    we learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school
    tonight i hear the neighborhood drummer sound
    i can feel my heart begin to pound
    you say you're tired and you just want to close your eyes and follow your dreams down

    we made a promise we swore we'd always remember
    no retreat no surrender
    like soldiers in the winter's night with a vow to defend
    no retreat no surrender

    now young faces grow sad and old and hearts of fire grow cold
    we swore blood brothers against the wind
    i'm ready to grow young again
    and hear your sister's voice calling us home across the open yards
    well maybe we could cut someplace of our own
    with these drums and these guitars

    blood brothers in the stormy night with a vow to defend
    no retreat no surrender

    now on the street tonight the lights grow dim
    the walls of my room are closing in
    there's a war outside still raging
    you say it ain't ours anymore to win
    i want to sleep beneath peaceful skies in my lover's bed
    with a wide open country in my eyes
    and these romantic dreams in my head
  • bir bone thugs n harmony parçası

    "no surrender. no surrender.

    my nigga just entered your business, so can i get a witness? can you duck? fuck the po-po, pow. startin' to kick this,
    gonna get my shit, and then you fucked up. me buck. me bang. niggas ain't talkin' 'bout them thangs. thugs remain, hang,
    swang with a click tight claim, come again, now. they drop down when i'm off the block. fuck them cops. me and krayzie
    runnin' through the boneyard, daily. gotta give 'em up to the glock-glock, so i can serve me thugs and maintain to the brain,
    and thugs remain to slang thangs. long live the dope game, and it won't end ya, as long as my niggas remember: no pretender.
    get right up off the clair, nigga, fuck it. no surrender.

    no surrender.

    not wantin' the copper to hit me, a lick up, found me a victim to stick up, pick up, rollin' the nine-ball, slippin' that's why me
    trippin', bloody victim, get him when the time calls, dog. take two-eleven, bailin', thuggin', knowin' these niggas well, then
    bone's fuckin' with the hoes, here comes them po-pos. nigga, that pig done peeped me, me gots to flees and get my creep on.
    bone get gone, hit a wrong turn, mash the gas, and dash on. jump outta the hottie, move me body, hittin' them cuts and trails,
    runnin' like we lunatics, gotta make it back to (?). escape and eludin' the chase, buckin' me gauge, so nigga, remember: me
    killa, me no surrender.
    me killa, me killa, me killa . . .

    no surrender. |

    puttin' me on my knees, tellin' me move and i'm dead, 'cause i'm killin' all your bitches, turnin' them blue suits red. and then
    i'm comin' to that funeral to shoot that bitch up, because i know that's where y'all bitches is bound to meet up. cop killas, all
    up in they chest, and i know what to do with that vest, man. twenty-two shots. i killa. you don't wanna fuck with bone,
    nigga. and it really ain't shit to pu1l a trigger on a copper, 'cause if i go down, some of y'all goin' down, 'cause i'm goin' down
    poppin'. so muthafuck all coppers. let me catch you slippin', nigga, bet i pop ya.

    pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop.
    pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop.

    ya better believe it's judgement day. so, nigga, just throw your pumps up in the air. now kill 'em, kill 'em copper, like ya just
    don't care. when they come, they come creepin'. me peepin'. gotta watch them po-pos sleepin', put 'em in deep in gutters.
    me keepin' 'til a me rich and gotta get mine, every time. this'll be over in nine nine, so, nigga, get down for the crime, gonna
    be more coppers dyin' in the line of fire. with thugs when i be slangin' my drugs, tryin' to cuff me and my nigga boy, gotta rip
    them guts, and lay your head in blood. better check yourself next time you test and try to smoke a nigga. bitch, remember:
    me killa. me no surrender.
    me no surrender. nigga, me no surrender. me no surrender. don't make me put one in ya. me no surrender. don't make
    me put one in ya. me no surrender.

    no surrender."
  • the boss'un live 75-85 albümünde akustik versiyonuyla beni kendisine hayran bırakan mükkemmel eseri..

    ve bu sözüyle gönülleri dağlar geçer the boss..

    "we learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school"
  • judas priest'in 2018 çıkışlı albümü firepower'ın 12. parçası. albümdeki favori parçamdır.

    şuradan dinlenebilir: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biz-jbm3oce
  • tam bir judas priest parçası olmuş.
    (bkz: long live the metal gods)

    --- spoiler ---
    chasing a dream as i go higher
    playing it mean, my heart's on fire
    living my life, ain't no pretender
    ready to fight with no surrender
    --- spoiler ---
  • (bkz: daniel castro)
  • judas priest'e ait bir heavy metal hiti. gerçi firepower albümündeki tüm şarkıları beğenmiş olsam da bu şarkının yeri hep ayrı kalanlardan olacak. güç verir, kuvvet verir, dinleyin ve dinletin.
  • judas yeter ciğerimi söktün dediğiniz anda halford dededen alacağınız el-cevab, insanı ağzıyla gitar çalamadığına lanet ettiren kahır taşı, neşet ertaş yaşasa idi arabasında dinleyeceğine emin olduğum süpersonik basınç dalgaları kombinasyonu. elbette firepower kitabesinden.

    şöyle de tatliş bi klibi mevcuttur.