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  • what.cd'nin yeni alternatifi.

    farklı kılan özellikleri.

    1. güvenlik. #notnostream
    2. what hesabı olanlara üyelik garantisi. #notpth
    3. yüksek kaliteli içerik ve kullanıcı tabanı. #notxanax
    4. ayrılanları birleştirip alexandria'yı yeniden inşa etmek. #notwhat
  • irc'den davetiye dağıtmaya başlayan site.



    --- spoiler ---

    notwhat.cd is officially opening up recruitment to users of the following sites:

    libble: user for 1 year

    lztr: user for 1 year

    db9: all

    gazelle games: pu+

    music-vid: pu+

    bibliotik: pu+

    passtheheadphones/redacted: elite+

    apollo: elite+

    exigo: all

    pedros: all

    hdbits: pu+

    32pages: pu+

    awesome-hd: pu+

    passthepopcorn: pu+

    broadcasthenet: pu+

    all new users from this point out will receive a 5gb buffer to help focus on snatching some flac!

    all existing users with 500mb upload have now been given a 5gb buffer.

    users can join #invites on irc.notwhat.cd with proof of an account in good standing at the above sites.

    we are still taking all waffles/what.cd refugees with proof in the channel above on our ırc network.

    officially invitation threads at their respective sites will go live shortly until then all are welcomed in #invites.
    --- spoiler ---