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  • ing. simdi demek
  • güzel bir, def leppard şarkısı.
  • negotiable order of withdrawal, yani ciro edilebilir para çekme emrinin kısaltması
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    (bkz: now thats what i call music)
  • satellite'ın a street between sunrise and sunset albümünde altıncı sırada yer alan parça...

    music: wojtek szadkowski
    lyrics: wojtek szadkowski

    rain rain,
    wash away make-up of the day
    fill up the space
    between silence, you and me

    take me by surprise
    please open my eyes…

    when you look at sunset from a street café
    and you don’t care you don’t mind
    when you look through restless wondrin’ children eyes
    and you don’t care you don’t mind
    when you try so hard and still you cannot hear
    a symphony of sorrow in one tear
    when you shout, and echo you can hear no more
    you have to find a way to your heart

    now, now
    let the feelin’ go
    let the music play out loud
    let the wind blow

    rain rain,
    can you hear? i’m calling you again
    bless me gently now
    shimmering my name

    i’m like a satellite
    a star-like night sky light

    moving silently through frozen maze of hearts
    couldn’t find the way out
    broken toy on christmas tree
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  • eskiden bir blues rock grubu olan ten years after'ın 2004'te yeni gitaristleri joe gooch'la beraber çıkardığı rock albümü. insana nerede o eski ten years after ve nerede alvin lee dedirtiyor. yine de ten years after, ten years after'dır...
  • days of the new şarkısı,

    i feel alone even with myself
    but does it better me
    i’d like to tell you how i’m seeing now
    but ruins everything

    you try to judge me now/tomorrow’s okay
    you try to tell me now how i should feel
    i don’t feel like i should be here

    i feel alone even with myself
    do you know what i mean
    i can’t explain those things that seem to repel me
    they ruin everything

    your fears are working now/but i don’t complain
    i’m working hard to listen and that’s okay
    don’t you know it’s not okay to be afraid of me

    i hate to tell you but you’re in my way
    i hate when someone tries to push me away
    don’t you know you can’t be afraid of me
    giving away all i’m feeling now

    why don’t you listen to this heart full of pain
    sounds like complaining but it’s hard to refrain
    don’t you know you can’t be afraid of me
    giving away all i’m feeling now
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