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  • kolonistlerin emrinde "yedi yil savasi"'na katilmis, kitalararasi bir ticaret gemisi'nde agir is yapmis, en sonunda ozgurlugunu kazanmis bir afrikalidir.

    onsekizinci yuzyil baslarinda ticari amacla yazdigi, ingiltere kralicesi'ne sundugu "the interesting narrative of the life of olaudah equiano" adli bir otobiyografisi vardir.
  • "......we had delightful sailing among the archipelago islands, and
    from thence to smyrna in turkey. this is a very ancient city; the
    houses are built of stone, and most of them have graves adjoining to
    them; so that they sometimes present the appearance of church-yards.
    provisions are very plentiful in this city, and good wine less than a
    penny a pint. the grapes, pomegranates, and many other fruits, were
    also the richest and largest i ever tasted. the natives are well
    looking and strong made, and treated me always with great civility. in
    general i believe they are fond of black people; and several of them
    gave me pressing invitations to stay amongst them, although they keep
    the franks, or christians, separate, and do not suffer them to dwell
    immediately amongst them. i was astonished in not seeing women in any
    of their shops, and very rarely any in the streets; and whenever i did
    they were covered with a veil from head to foot, so that i could not
    see their faces, except when any of them out of curiosity uncovered
    them to look at me, which they sometimes did. i was surprised to see
    how the greeks are, in some measure, kept under by the turks, as the
    negroes are in the west ındies by the white people. the less refined
    greeks, as i have already hinted, dance here in the same manner as we
    do in my nation. on the whole, during our stay here, which was about
    five months, i liked the place and the turks extremely well. i could
    not help observing one very remarkable circumstance there: the tails
    of the sheep are flat, and so very large, that i have known the tail
    even of a lamb to weigh from eleven to thirteen pounds. the fat of
    them is very white and rich, and is excellent in puddings, for which
    it is much used. our ship being at length richly loaded with silk, and
    other articles, we sailed for england.

    in may 1769, soon after our return from turkey, our ship made a
    delightful voyage to oporto in portugal, where we arrived at the time
    of the carnival. " - the ınteresting narrative of the life of olaudah equiano, or gustavus vassa, the african written by himself
  • "........ after we had transacted our business at naples we
    sailed with a fair wind once more for smyrna, where we arrived in
    december. a seraskier or officer took a liking to me here, and wanted
    me to stay, and offered me two wives; however i refused the
    temptation. the merchants here travel in caravans or large companies.
    i have seen many caravans from india, with some hundreds of camels,
    laden with different goods. the people of these caravans are quite
    brown. among other articles, they brought with them a great quantity
    of locusts, which are a kind of pulse, sweet and pleasant to the
    palate, and in shape resembling french beans, but longer. each kind of
    goods is sold in a street by itself, and i always found the turks very
    honest in their dealings. they let no christians into their mosques or
    churches, for which i was very sorry; as i was always fond of going to
    see the different modes of worship of the people wherever i went. the
    plague broke out while we were in smyrna, and we stopped taking goods
    into the ship till it was over. she was then richly laden, and we
    sailed in about march 1770 for england." - the ınteresting narrative of the life of olaudah equiano, or gustavus vassa, the african written by himself
  • 18. yüzyılda yaşamış afrika asıllı ingiliz yazar ve gezgin.
    çocukken köle tüccarları tarafından kaçırılıp satıldı ve gustavus vassa adı verildi. özgürlüğünü satın aldıktan sonra yirmi yıl boyunca türkiye de dahil olmak üzere dünyayı gezdi.
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