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  • once upon a time..in cappadocia
    land of fairychimneys..
    we stayed in the caves, beneath the hoodoos
    deep, in göreme's clay..
    here jinns, fairies, legends live,
    grand vizier ibrahim pasha, built from cappadocian clay, his new city, nevsehir..

    once, beautiful mahsen transformed herself into a pigeon,
    and from the heights of castle uchisar, did soar to be in the warm arms of her lover..
    once upon a time emperor constantius cried out
    "mount argeus, father of fleet horses yield up your unrivaled stallions,
    so i can build my kingdom!

    in the surah al-mu'minun it says
    "man, he did create quintessence of clay"
    and in the earth's womb a civilization was born
    cradled in clay

    once upon a time under the ground, we hid for a thousand years
    from wars that burnt in the desert sun
    beneath, below, history's labyrinth
    a hollow earth, from before the flood
    once upon a time, all this took place in cappadocia!