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  • 2000 yılında çıkan day one albümü ve albüme adını veren parçası.
  • day one şarkısıdır
    lyrics are as follows

    there is a woman who lives in this town
    that has my heart held in her hand
    i see her in the streets every day
    but i can't find the words to say
    but if i were a writer and could write a good hand
    i'd write of this love that i don't understand
    the words in my hear they come and they go
    i'm thinking i love her but she'll never know
    and if i were a sculptor and had a good eye
    id carve out her beauty in marble or ice
    but these hands of mine are far from refined
    guess i'll have to accept that i am just an ordinary man..
    now if i were good looking and had a pretty face
    and if i could walk and speak with grace
    and if i had style then i wouldn't have to look down when she walked by
    and if i were a singer and could sing a good key
    i'd sing of this love in melody
    but this voice of mine is far from refined
    i guess i'll have to accept that i'm just an ordinary man …
    i know one day she'll look i know one day she'll see me
    and maybe that one day she'll want to be with me
    and maybe she'll love me for who i am just as that ordinary man ...
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  • dish of the day albümünden enfes bir fool s garden çalışması, çocukluk hatırası.

    who you wanna be? the owner of the moon,
    a soon forgotten hero with a never fading bloom
    who you wanna be?
    when you realize you're failing all the time
    who you wanna be?
    where do you wanna go?
    when you leave your past behind
    when you move yourself in circles and there's nothing left to find
    where do you wanna go?
    when you feel there's nothing left for you to do
    who do you wanna be?
    in a world of sad and loneliness
    who you wanna be?
    when you're full of all the emptiness
    who you wanna be?
    when the moon is on the wane -- you ordinary man
    man got a ticket to the life to come
    you will attain the land a day
    man what do you wanna take along don't you know the price you pay
    for your greedy thoughts your pretty gods you give yourself away
    who you wanna be? where do you wanna go?
    mr. mirror don't tell me what you see
    i'm a content man in a modern world
    that's all i want to be
    why should i go to a place i never wanted to belong.
    i don't wanna be in a world of sad and loneliness
    i don't wanna be the fool of all the emptiness
    i don't wanna be a shadow in the rain
    an ordinary man
  • işçi sınıfının şarkısı, tamirci çırağının irlanda uyarlaması. oldukça hüzünlü, roman tadında bir bir christy moore şarkısıdır. hele şarkıdaki anlatıldığı gibi en yakınlarımızda da varsa böyle bir ordinary man, şarkı şarkı olmaktan çıkar adeta büyük bir dalga gibi kalbimize vurur.
    sözlerini de verelim tam olsun:

    ı'm an ordinary man, nothing special nothing grand
    ı've had to work for everything ı own
    ı never asked for a lot, ı was happy with what ı'd got
    enough to keep my family and my home
    now they say that times are hard and they've handed me my cards
    they say there's not the work to go around
    and when the whistle blows, the gates will finally close
    tonight they're going to shut this factory down
    then they'll tear it d-o-w-n

    ı never missed a day nor went on strike for better pay
    for twenty years ı served the best ı could
    now with a handshake and a check it seems so easy to forget
    loyalty through the bad times and through good
    the owner says he's sad to see that things have got so bad
    but the captains of industry won't let him lose
    he still drives a car and smokes his cigar
    and still he takes his family on a cruise, he'll never lose

    well it seems to me such a cruel irony
    he's richer now than ever he was before
    now my check is spent and ı can't afford the rent
    there's one law for the rich, one for the poor
    every day ı've tried to salvage some of my pride
    to find some work so ı can pay my way
    oh but everywhere ı go, the answer's always no
    there's no work for anyone here today, no work today

    and so condemned ı stand, just an ordinary man
    like thousands beside me in the queue
    ı watch my darling wife trying to make the best of life
    and lord knows what the kids are going to do
    now that we are faced with this human waste
    a generation cast aside
    and as long as ı live, ı never will forgive
    you've stripped me of my dignity and pride, you've stripped me bare
    you've stripped me bare, you've stripped me bare.
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