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  • dimethyltriptamine ep'sinin ikinci şarkısıdır, ilk albümdeki * orison'ların devamıdır. *

    maggots chew the flesh inside my chest
    all i've got is disease
    day after day week after week
    i feel the seeds blooming inside of me

    here is the never ending story;
    domination is an old glory,
    look at the lines in the fake texture;
    they will take you to architecture
    so, you can get how simple math in the green nature,
    in the end of your story
    show your heart and see kashmiri!

    [one must totally die to find what love is]

    creation! domination!
    after 4 billion years...
    both are just simulations.
    do you want to open your third eye?
    run and feed your old little fly!
    ın the end of the dark day...
    wait for the fucking replay!