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  • 1914 isimli ukraynalı grubun muhteşem şarkısı;

    thru the night ı hear war-cries

    shots and whistles of yataghans

    here comes the 57th infantry regiment

    lead by ataturk

    our anzac corps was entrenched at the gallipoli coast

    ottoman machine-guns met us with fire

    we did not expect such furious defense

    so far away from home we died

    at the nomads land

    back into the sea away from the coast

    back into the sea drop the gun and run

    we thought they were barbarians

    but encountered well-trained and organized imperial army with cannons and machine---guns

    how can we win when their commander ordered them:

    ı do not order to fight, ı order you to die.

    ın the time which passes until we die, other troops can come forward and take our places ınshalah!

    ottoman rise! ınshalah!
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