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  • max payne de en fazla 8 tane alabileceiniz zımbırtı...
    (bkz: max payne)
  • aynı to mother gibi kısa denilebilecek sağlam bir babes in toyland albümüdür bu. en büyük kozu şüphesiz ki fontanelleın cbgbdeki tanıtım konseri olan 38.5 dakikalık fontanellette ve kat bjellandın canı istediği zaman ne kadar güzel şarkı sözü yazabileceğini kanıtlayan istegkeit. ayrıca orijinali spanking machinede bulunanhes my thingin daha hızlı bir versiyonunu da içerir.
  • ailecek merakla beklediğimiz <cronenberg> projesi.
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    set in the world of radical performance artists, "painkillers" is the story of saul tenser, an artist with a high pain threshold who is approached to capture a subversive group. he must decide if what he uncovers should be protected or handed over.

    "i've been interested in performance artists and the whole subculture since a fellow student of mine (at the university of toronto) wrote a short story about a man who did surgery as a performance, literally cutting off his own hand," cronenberg told daily variety. "i remember reading that story and being incredibly shocked and impressed by it." cronenberg said he began writing the script about four years ago and expects to cast it this summer. it will be produced by robert lantos, who worked with cronenberg on the 1999 dimension films release "existenz" and fine line features' 1996 picture "crash." the film is currently scheduled to start production sometime in the first quarter 2003.

    cronenberg has been writing the original screenplay focusing on a radical performance artist, saul tenser, who has an unusual high tolerance for pain. as he searches out odd sexual and aesthetic appetites, tenser is approached to search out a group of enigmatic subersives. finding himself on the edge of an underground world, tenser must decided whether he should protect the information he has uncovered or hand it over to the proper authorities, whom will no doubt supress it.

    "david is one of the most original and courageous filmmakers of our time," lantos said of his collaborator. "painkillers ventures into a terrain other cinema has not gone before. i can't imagine anyone other than david taking this on, which makes working with him so interesting and inspiring." cronenberg said of the project, "robert and i have an excellent relationship that began with crash, a film everyone was afraid to make. i have great repect for his taste and support of dangerous material"
  • a history of violence'ın ardından artık iyice gözden düşmüş, cronenberg de artık projeye olan heyecanını yitirdiğini açıklamış. 5 yıllık çalışma heba oldu sonuçta. neyse dursun bi kenarda, belki bi gün canı çeker ustanın kim bilir ?
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