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  • sözleri yüreğe dokunan bir scuzz twittly şarkısı.


    pornstars, wet bars
    drive around in fancy cars
    high priced hookers, bags of coke
    pass a pipe and take a toke
    strip show, killer blow
    fifteen hundred dollar hoe
    double d's bouncing in my face
    let's go nuts and wreck the place

    let's get loaded, let's get mean
    i wanna party like charlie sheen

    lap dance, no pants
    that's what i call romance
    long legs, mini skirts
    drinkin till my liver hurts
    get ripped, get stripped
    get a million bucks for every script
    let's get a million dollar bills
    and roll our truck through beverly hills

    down on sunset, on the scene
    i wanna party like charlie sheen

    drinkin smokin i ain't jokin
    let's hit the lights of hollywood
    it's good to get when the gettin's good
    girls that know just what to do
    jump on you like a kangaroo
    we'll get high, we'll get stoned
    we'll eat pie, they'll get boned

    drunken orgies, limousines
    i wanna party like charlie sheen

    let's get crazy, let's get obscene
    i wanna party like charlie sheen