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  • (bkz: pesah)
  • basketbolda topu bacaklarin arasindan gecirme manasina gelse de esas onemli olan ozelligi bir joy division parcasina isim olmasi olan kelime.
  • (bkz: pass out)
  • üç numaralı closer şarkısı. uzun bir süre sonra nihayet tutturulmuş dengeleri bozan krizlerden, olacak şeylere dair duyulan korkudan bahseder ve bence ian curtis'in lirik dehasını bir kez daha kanıtlar.

    this is the crises i knew had to come
    destroying the balance
    i'd kept
    doubting and settling and turning around
    wondering what will come next

    is this the role that you wanted to live
    i was foolish to ask for so much
    without the protection and infancy's guard
    it all falls apart at the first touch

    watching the reel as it comes to a close
    brutally taking its time
    people who change for no reason at all
    it's happening all of the time

    can i go on with this train of defense
    disturbing and purging my mind
    i count up my duties -
    when all's said and done
    i know that i'll lose every time

    moving along in our god given ways
    safety is sat by the fire
    sanctuary from these feverish smiles
    left with a mark on the door

    is this the gift that i wanted to give
    forgive and forget's
    what they teach
    i'll pass through the deserts and waste -
    lands once more
    and watch as they drop by the beach

    this is a crises i knew had to come
    destroying the balance i'd kept
    turning around to the next set of lies
    wondering what will come next
  • the black angels grubunun 2006 çıkışlı ilk albümü. özellikle albümdeki empire adlı parça çok leziz.
  • ruhsal ve zihinsel dengesinin son anlarını yaşadığını hissedenlerin hislerine tercüman bir joy division şarkısı. leş.
  • tam sekiz gun suren musevi bayramidir.
  • mükemmel bir the black angels albümü. albümdeki the first vietnamese war şarkısı bir harika.