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  • haberin orjinali şurada.

    "al-monitor spoke with well-informed sources who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter. here is their story:

    sometime after july 2015, when mıt tried to infiltrate bayik’s inner circle, the pkk enlisted one of bayik’s bodyguards as bait. mıt took the bait, and for two years the pkk fed accurate information through the guard to mıt agents until a solid base of trust was established between them. the intelligence provided to mıt was so important that two of the top officials on the pkk/kurdish desk decided to meet with their mole in sulaimaniyah on at least two occasions.

    around early august, the bodyguard appeared to have fed information to the two mıt officials that bayik was going to sulaimaniyah for medical treatment. killing or abducting bayik would have been a major intelligence coup for erdogan.

    at the last minute, the guard informed his mıt handlers that he could not meet with them in sulaimaniyah, where the puk's sophisticated intelligence apparatus kept a watchful eye. the guard asked them instead to travel to a mountainous resort town halfway between the qandil mountains and sulaimaniyah. with its huge lake, dukan is popular with arab tourists from southern ıraq and kurds looking to escape the scorching heat of the summer. ıt's an ideal cover for espionage operations.

    a group of pkk guerrillas arrived on aug. 3, apprehended the two intelligence officials and their kurdish companions at one of the resort sites and drove 43 kilometers (27 miles) to the qandil mountains in an operation videotaped by the pkk. the road to qandil is dotted with puk checkpoints, but somehow the pkk fighters managed to get the mıt agents through and reach qandil.

    the pkk immediately started interrogating the agents. a former official familiar with the pkk believes that the interrogation and debriefing will take at least three months. back in ankara, erdogan and fidan — who had not informed the puk — pleaded with them to intervene. the puk sent delegations on at least two occasions to persuade the militants to release the mıt agents. the pkk refused.

    turkish foreign minister mevlut cavusoglu arrived in erbil and met with a puk delegation on aug. 23, but it appears that nothing came out of the meeting. two sources briefed on the mıt incident told al-monitor that ankara has asked tehran to intervene on its behalf and an ıranian delegation met with pkk officials, but the ıranians also returned empty handed.

    the following morning, on aug. 24, turkey took an unprecedented measure and expelled puk representative bahroz galali, who is close to the kurdish parties from turkey. back in 2003, when 11 turkish special forces were seized by american commandos with the help of the puk from the city of sulaimaniyah on july 4, turkey did not expel galali, who had served in ankara since 2000.

    when galali reached sulaimaniyah airport on aug. 24, he spoke critically of the pkk and said that the group should not behave as it pleases and should respect the krg's sovereignty. the puk spokesperson said the party was not aware of the operation and criticized both turkey and the pkk.

    senior officials from the pkk, including bayik, hit back, calling for the expulsion of the turkish diplomats and warning that puk or kdp involvement in turkish ploys would be treason against the kurdish people.

    some puk officials have become concerned about the pkk activities in their zone after this incident, but the party is so fractious that it may not be able to take any action. graffiti depicting the pkk and its founder, abdullah ocalan, is common in sulaimaniyah.

    ıf the pkk goes ahead with publishing the video footage of the operation, erdogan will have no option but to own up to one of the most humiliating intelligence failures in turkish history. as for the ıraqi kurds, who are about to hold a referendum on independence, the unintended consequences of the pkk actions in their territories could become a serious headache." http://www.al-monitor.com/…y-spy.html#ixzz4rw4eyigb




  • acaba mit'in bundan haberi var mı diye düşündüren iddia.
  • mit'e haber verin si-en-en'i açsınlar diyeceğim ama cnn türk de vermemiş henüz. onlar da mit'ten duymak için bekliyor sanırım. en iyisi mit'ten kyb (bkz: ırak kürdistan yurtseverler birliği) ankara temsilciliğinin niye kapatıldığını açıklamasını istemek.
  • kaçırılma görüntülerinin ve kimliklerinin pkk tarafından ajanslara servis edildiği hadise.
  • eğer biri veya birileri ispiyonlamadıysa, işler iyi gitmemiş demektir, ya da iyi istihbaratçı değilmişler demektir. umarım yalan bir haberdir.
  • saha ajanı değillerdir. mit'in en stratejik daire başkanı erhan pekçetin hpg tarafından ele geçirildi.


    (bkz: mit'in 4 daire başkanının pkk'nın elinde olması)