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  • david hare'nin süveyş kanalı ile ilgili problemde ingiliz hükümetinin zayıf politikasını eleştirdiği oyunu.
  • guru ile erykah badu nun beraber produksionu bi sarki
  • buyrun sarkinin sözleri:

    {badu harmonizing in the intro}

    [chorus one: erykah badu]
    when she wants plenty, she gets plenty
    when she wants plenty, she gets plenty
    when she wants plenty, she gets plenty
    then she gets plenty more, uhh

    {repeat chorus one}

    watchin her drivin by, in her new whip so fly
    wish she could sing me a lullaby, to scoop her i've got to try
    in her eyes, there's a flame that burns right through my soul
    can't pretend to be cool, about to lose my control
    yeah i know she's got plenty; admirers, she's got many
    like an exotic fantasy, into a frenzy she sends me
    wow i have to sit down, and gather my wits now
    i wanna caress those hips now, wanna kiss those lips now

    hello? hey babyyy
    i know you called and i didn't answer twice
    but baby that's oh-kay it's nice
    for you to call anyway see, okay, see uhh
    hey babyyy
    you know it's okay if you don't call me
    anymore cause i got a-plenty
    truckload of niggaz like you at my door {*dial tone*}

    [chorus one]

    and every day is her day, and every year is her year
    anyone tried to violate, they could straight dissapear
    she don't care if you play yourself, tryin to step to her
    the illest of gangsters, i show and respect to her
    truly glamourous, she ain't impressed and it shows
    she don't like your new clothes, she don't care about your playa
    do you suppose i could hook up and spend time with her?
    she's just how i dreamed - i'll bust my nine for her

    [chorus two: erykah badu]
    when she gets plenty, she gets plenty
    when she gets plenty, she gets plenty
    when she wants plenty, she gets plenty
    any damn thang she wants, uhh

    surgeon general - i provide vitamins and minerals
    the charge that she's got on me, should be federal
    i was told never put the two before the one son
    but always cultivate your wisdom, to help you build your kingdom
    i wanna be the answer to every question she has
    so when i wish to enter, she'll be lettin me pass
    i know she wants to be with g-o-d eventually, but still
    she got everything; yeah the girl's got plenty

    flowers in her bedroom
    perfume on her neck
    nectar from a mason jar
    seven dollar dress; she's
    super cute, and plenty bad
    thirty twenty-two thirty-six and a half
    i, hope the dude will realize
    she got the silky(?) (?)sexy bedroom eyes
    baby baby please don't break yo' neck
    cause you gon' have a wreck {*tires squeal*}
    cause when it comes to love i get plenty, degrees one-twenty
    my back slipped out my dress - oops!

    [chorus three: erykah badu]
    when she gets plenty, she gets plenty (she gets it all)
    when she wants plenty, she gets plenty (uhh)
    when she wants plenty, she gets plenty (c'mon)
    and she gets plenty more (plenty more) ahh
    when she wants plenty, she gets plenty
    when she wants plenty, she gets plenty (mm, she gets it all)
    when she wants plenty, she gets plenty
    and any damn thang i want - right?

    that's right
    in this game of life it takes a lot to win
    plenty more baby's what i got to give

    yeah yeah baby that's really nice
    but i'm tryin to read my book and you're in my light

    uhh - a woman like you could help me reach the top
    if i get a chance to love you, mm, i won't stop

    damn! oh huh, what? huh, whaaat?
    i didn't hear you i was thinkin bout some stuff

    baby you so fine i wanna smack myself
    i don't need no support i'm gonna back myself

    hooo baby you so sweet
    now can you get the lotion and rub my feets

    in massage therapy i got a master degree
    i give you plenty more, than what you askin from me

    i need a little bit of space, a little bit of wealth (okay)
    and oh - about the feets, a little to the left (like this?)
    mmmmmm (m'hmm, like that?)
    yeahhh (feels good right?)
    ahhhhh (yeah, heh heh)
    hehehee! (you don't really care)
    i do! (heh, you the queen huh?)
    more lotion! (c'mon.. you got plenty!)

    {*erykah badu cracks up laughing*}

    [badu] that's good! alright?
    [guru] that's good right?
    [badu] {*laughing*}
  • ing. bolluk.
  • (bkz: plenty more)
  • sting ve meryl streep'inde oyuncular arasında bulunduğu 1985 tarihli film. yönetmenliğini fred schepisi'nin yaptığı filmin konusu, hayatında istediği hiç bir şeye ulaşamayan ve akli dengesini kaybetmeye başlayan bir kadın üzerine kuruludur.
  • bol anlamına gelen ingilizce kelime.

    (bkz: ample)
  • fred schepisi'nin 2 bafta adaylığı bulunan filmi. meryl streep'in çok ama çok güzel bir kadın olduğu dışında tuhaf sesli tracey ullman ve sting'e de rastlayacaksınız.
  • aeseaes şarkısı. sözleri de şöyle;

    ın the land of plenty
    we don't know what the word no means
    give it to me
    give me all the things ı want
    make it new and shiny
    and make them watch me
    make them watch me
    turn the power on and wait for light

    all the pleasures that you paid for
    all the skipped turns that you saved for
    all the nights you fell asleep without your gun
    a coronation, a beheading
    from the funeral to the wedding
    do you think they care where the crown goes?

    show the crowd you're happy
    like a movie, like a movie
    what's your story? what's the refund policy?
    we want violence, we want blood
    we want superhero love
    we want all the answers that you promised us
    we want laughter, we want pain
    everyone will know our name
    did you know that no two missteps are the same?