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  • naturalistic fallacy'nin anlatildigi george edward moore kitabi. "modern etigin klasiklerinden" falan diyorlar hakkinda.
  • george edward moore'un yazdığı ve "iyi"nin tamamen flu ve hatta daha da ötesi tanımlanamaz bir kavram olduğunu yaklaşık 300 sayfada anlatan bir kitap.
  • moore biladerimiz şöyle diyor:
    "but if we understand the question in this sense, my answer to it may seem a very disappointing one. if i am asked, what is good? my answer is that good is good, and that is the end of the matter. or if i am asked how is good to be defined? my answer is that it cannot be defined, and that is all i have to say about it. but disappointing as these answers may appear, they are of the very last importance. to readers who are familiar with philosophic terminology, i can express their importance by saying that they amount to this: that propositions about the good are all of them synthetic and never analytic; and that is plainly no trivial matter. and the same thing may be expressed more popularly, by saying that, if i am right, then nobody can foist upon us such an axiom as that 'pleasure is the only good' or that 'the good is the desired' on the pretence that this is the very meaning of the word."

    yani iyi iyidir, ve bu cevap da bu konuda verilebilecek en doğru cevaptır.