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  • planet helpless'ten leziz bir puressence sarkisi..

    everyday i wake up i see footprints on the ceiling,
    didn’t realize they come from me

    all we ever wanted here was something to believe in
    heaven’s closed down, mecca’s obsolete

    well it’s a hallelujah day and i’m a walther ppk

    if i told you my story man you wouldn’t believe it
    ‘cos the things i’ve seen and do are hard to perceive
    and so i’ll stop my talking now and draw back the curtain
    only thing you’re finding out
    nothing’s for certain,nothing’s for certain

    watching my head go round
    she’s watching my head go round

    it can’t be that easy sharing someone with a demon
    go and find yourself out on the street

    no smoke without fire they say,now adam’s burning eden
    nothing ever turns out like it seems

    watching my head go round
  • (bkz: prodigal son)