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  • first of all, color white represents clean and pure meanings therefore his designed political party must draw constituents' attention with the meaning of honesty and clean politics. when you look at mr. erdogan's second name you see the noun that not widely used in turkey "tayyip". "tayyip" means in arabic; virtuous, clean as white, pure. seeing that fact the name of his designed party must associate with meaning of his name.
    "ak" means in turkish; white, clean, pure. abbreviation of " 'a'dalet ve 'k'alkinma will give that meaning so as to recall whiteness and purity on potential constituents' mind. besides as viral campaign widely known turkish folk song rhythm "kara basma iz olur" can be used by changing with his full name "recep tayyip erdogan". "kar" means in turkish; snow so snow represents whiteness and purity. that viral rhythm will give the impulse of his honesty and credibility to his potential constituents' subconscious.
    he always should mention about new "white" page on country's near future. continuously "new turkey" phrase will give the message of white page on his constituents' subconscious.

    in conclusion, all future campaign instruments should be picked up regarding with his name. both arabic and turkish meanings can be used.