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  • lamb of god - as the palaces burn albümünün 3. sıradaki parçası. kusursuz.

    can the pestilence within you be bled out
    may i have the honor of this amputation?
    know that you have made an enemy
    to show you the meaning of indignity
    i live no solely for the pleasure of your slow decay.
    feel the pain of vengeance burn you,
    soon you shall know silence.
    with trembling hands you'll beg for mercy.
    i'll show you none.
    purified by my hand
    in this my world
    it is salvation.
    your futile existence draws to a close
    a cloak of lies drops.
    the lies drop.
  • free as god albümünün onuncu şarkısı. mırıldanmak isteyenler şu şekilde mırıldanabilirler,

    feel it now
    it's so hard
    to find myself
    another way back to reality
    the line i've crossed
    your silent lips tortured me
    i can't even dare to runaway
    my thoughts escape
    would you please stand still?
    as i cry in your eyes
    but you belong
    to another dream

    i failed to try one more word
    keep the world in your eyes
    allow your breathing cast the spell
    the words can slip through my mind
    i built a castle in the air
    even in the world i'm dreaming
    hidden ways you define
    oceans turn into the sand
    lay back and see what i become
    my feelings
    easily torn
    supress my fears overthrown
    the lines of a dreamers song
    hurt my soul and bend the walls
    even i can't hear your voice
    ease my pain release my hopes
    leafs of a bright blue sky
    unburdened my soul made me cry

    shattered and lost
    i'm so jaded and i can't explain
    violins play my swansong
    empty hopes i'm singing

    drifting with the tide
    revealing the thrill
    escapist cry
    around this doubt tonight
    maybe you won't hear my lines
    one drop from falling rain
    filled my hands with despair
    maybe for a second
    yearning till the end

    looking straight into your eyes
    imprisoned in your smile
    for this time i'm on my own and you are
    elusive dream of my life
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