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    what are they? quaaludes, also known as "methaquaalone," "ludes," "sopes," "soapers," or "q's" are a special kind of downer called sedative-hypnotics. that means they slow or shut down certain parts of the central nervous system. quaaludes are calming drugs. taken orally, they work on a number of different places in the brain. they were once medically prescribed as muscle relaxers. but because of the potential danger for quaalude abuse, the company that made them took them off the market in the mid-80's. counterfeit or look-alike quaaludes are the only ones available now, but they are illegal.

    how do they make you feel? quaaludes give the user a high/happy feeling that usually lasts several hours. like alcohol, quaaludes makes users feel "freer." that means they are more likely to say or do things in social situations that they would not normally feel comfortable doing. also, the muscle relaxing quality of the drugs makes users feel "loose."

    what do they do to your body? quaaludes reduce muscle tension and produce relaxation. they can cause drowsiness and body heat loss. they can lessen physical sensations (that means the sense of touch will not be as sharp). quaaludes also make you less coordinated, so that talking, walking, and even the ability to use your hands and fingers for writing and picking things up is more difficult.

    how easy is it to become "used to" quaaludes? all drugs are poison to your body. but because your body is so amazingly devoted to keeping you alive, it can become "tolerant" to having poison in it. but tolerance to the mental and the physical effects of quaaludes happens at different rates. this means that a user who is taking more and more quaaludes every day to sustain a mental high might not realize that the body's tolerance to the physical effects (like slower breathing) is not obvious. so the daily dose the user takes for the mental high gets dangerously close to a lethal (deadly) dose without them even realizing it. after a relatively short time, a quaalude user might need ten to twenty times as much of the drug to get the same high that they got the first time they used it.

    what is an overdose? too many quaaludes in your body can cause cold, clammy skin, a weak and rapid heart beat, and slow or rapid shallow breathing. ıf the low blood pressure and slowed breathing are not treated, the user can die. some users mix alcohol with quaaludes (or another sedative-hypnotic kind of downer). this is extremely dangerous!! together these two kinds of drugs really shut down the breathing center of the brain and increase the risk of death.

    what's withdrawal like? withdrawal symptoms from sedative-hypnotic downers (like quaaludes and barbiturates) are more severe than withdrawal symptoms from opiate downers (like heroin). after the user's body has become tolerant to quaaludes, withdrawal can be very dangerous. ıt's as if the body is making up for all the time that the quaaludes slowed things down and starts speeding things up instead. withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, nervousness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, sweating, stomach cramps, and muscle shakes start within 6 to 8 hours after the last dose. this can go on for several days. the worst withdrawal symptoms include uncontrolled heart beat, and death.

    ıs it legal? no.

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  • scarface filminde restorani hizlica terk eden elvirayi tutmaya calisan mannye tony montana tarafindan soylenmis efsane cumleyi hatirlatir... "let her go, let her go.another quaalude,she gonna love me again."

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