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  • sihirli flut operasındaki nam-ı diğer gece kraliçesi karakteri
  • der holle rache isimli arya klasik muzik sevmeyenlerce bile sevilen bir gece kraliçesi aryasıdır
  • bir sertap erener şarkısı.
    (bkz: gece kraliçesi)
  • bir whitney houston sarkisi, sert elektrogitar tonlariyla bezeli cok guclu bir ritmi vardir, acayip gaza getirir dinlerken. sozleri de soyle:

    i've got the stuff that you want,
    i've got the thing that you need.
    i've got more than enough
    to make you drop to your knees
    cause i'm the queen of the night,
    the queen of the night
    oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

    don't make no difference
    if i'm wrong or i'm right,
    i've got the feeling
    and i'm willing tonight.
    well, i ain't nobody's angel.
    what can i say?
    well, i'm just that way.

    you got a problem
    with the way that i am?
    they say i'm trouble and i don't give a damn.
    but when i'm bad,
    i know i'm better.
    i just wanna get loose,
    and turn it up for you.
  • (bkz: ratri)
  • eloy'un planets albumunun en guzel $arkisi. (bkz: kime gore neye gore)
  • eloy $arkisi olanin sozler $oyledir:

    my guiding star shows me the path
    to gates of dawn that lie shining.
    its signs and magic light lead me
    through this labyrinth of darkness.

    tempting me and enticing me -
    the hour of examination has come.
    i have come to crossing lights,
    and one tries to blind me.

    dark shadows try to lead astray;
    shading and confusing me.
    pulling at me with all their might,
    they caress, and blind, and touch me.
    pulling at me with all her might
    the seductive queen of night calls.

    escape the dark that hides and gives you a shelter and guard?
    why confront sun's burning rays that will be your decline?
    fate can't be questioned;
    the cards have all been laid.
    useless uprising.

    surrender to the laws of man's nature,
    turn back in time.
    isn't the night the one that makes lifetime bearable.
    play man's game
    that eternally will be
    useless uprising.

    queen of the night don't poison me
    with your scents that numb my mind and all betray.
    won't give in to a reality
    containing a being that doesn't satisfy..

    fountains of light
    will finally prove me right.
  • eloy'un tribal progressive rock adina urettigi en saglam parcalardan biri..
  • en bilinen kisminin sozlerini de yazayim tam olsun:

    der hölle rache kocht in meinem herzen,
    tod und verzweiflung flammet um mich her!
    fühlt nicht durch dich sarastro todesschmerzen,
    so bist du meine tochter nimmermehr.
    verstossen sey auf ewig und verlassen,
    zertrümmert alle bande der natur,
    wenn nicht durch dich sarastro wird erblassen!
    hört rache, - götter! - hört der mutter schwur.