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  • yeniden dolduruşuna gelmek anlamında güzel türkçemize girmiş bir hollywood son eki.

    (ara: reloaded)
  • age of empires 3 oyununu, 8 ekim itibariyle 3 cd olarak sürmüş grup..
  • starforce tekniği de dahil olmak üzere, bir çok kopyalama tekniğine karşı crack yayınlayan, lider korsan oyun release gruplarindan bir tanesi. 2005 yılında fbi tarafından yapılan operasyon sonucu ` :operation site down` vengeance ve hoodlum gibi rakipleri büyük zarar görmüş, bir çok üyesi yakalanmıştır. rakiplerinin iyice güçsüzleşmesi ile de piyasa da söz sahibi bir grup haline gelmiştir. bu sıralar eski performans ve hızlarından uzak da olsalar, yayınlarının kalitesi tartışılmaz. düşman gruplar kendilerini, "retarted" olarak adlandırır.
  • banlandıktan sonra kendi güzel bir nick bulamayan internet kullanıcısının son eki.
  • çoğu oyunu crackleyen grup.. warez dünyasında yaşayan efsanedirler...
  • son dönemlerde kırdıkları oyunlar ilk çalıştırıldığında şu şekilde bir mesaj veren grup (en azından dead space'te var):

    we, reloaded members, would like you - dear user, to know the following:

    1. we do not want you to spread our releases outside of the scene.
    2. do not contact technical support if you have some issues with our releases.
    3. we hate peer2peer networks (torrents, bearshare etc.).
    4. we do not make our releases for you - mr. p2p user, we make them for
    the sceners, who contribute something - unlike you.
    5. to all people who repack our cracks/keygens with spyware/malware: fuck you
    6. we do not fix game bugs. (ea, seriously - get some real programmers/qe's...)

    and the most important:

    7. if you like this or any other game: buy it!!! (yes, we mean it)

    ps. this message has been saved to the "notice.txt" file.

    have a nice life!
  • razor1911 ile aralarında borderlands sürümünden sonra iyiden iyiye bir husumet oluşan kral scene grubudur. reloaded borderlands'in sürümünü yaptıktan sonra razor1911 bu sürümü "nuke" ilan edip kendi "proper" sürümünü yapmıstır. konuyla ilgili olarak reloaded ise geçenlerde yayınladığı "universal safedisc and safecast loader" ekine şöyle bir not iliştirmiş.

    special note:
    we would like to take this opportunity to state our case against the recent unnecessary propers by razor.

    from the nfo of borderlands_proper-razor1911:

    razor claims that our release "wasts [sic] 1gb more space".
    fact: our release is smaller. installed, both are the same in size.

    razor claims that our release is a "self made iso", implying that it is not retail.
    fact: we stated clearly in our nfo that our release was from trymedia, which is an official retail* distributor. it uses another installer that installs faster, and every installed file is byte-identical to their version, except for the exe.

    razor claims that we "removed" the delay import directory entry.
    fact: this entry was not available in the original executable. besides, a "delay import" table does exactly what it implies: it delays the execution of dlls. if there is no "delay import" table, as in our executable, the inits of the dlls will not be delayed, but loaded before ep as every other dll. razor's implication that our version lacks physx in any way is absolutely incorrect (see technical proof below).

    of all the outright lies, razor claims that their releases are somehow more "retail" than our borderlands release (trymedia), and also recently skidrow's raven squad (steam) release, is the most bizarre.

    let's refer to the merriam-webster definition of retail:

    main entry: re'tail
    function: verb
    date: 15th century
    transitive verb
    1 : to sell in small quantities directly to the ultimate consumer

    the online distributable versions of games are the same product, the same files, but sold by an online retailer with an official distribution deal with the publisher and sold directly to the ultimate customer. what exactly is less than retail about that? the "retail" rule was always meant as a way to distinguish the final version of a game from unfinished betas and review copies. it was never meant to limit releases to physical boxed store copies. especially in a time and age where digital distribution is becoming more and more regular and some titles (for instance saw) are exclusively distributed on digital platforms, it seems outdated to disallow releasing such titles altogether. and we know that razor knows this, because they too have released titles from such sources.

    in the case of borderlands the only difference with the razor "retail" version and our version is that the razor version, ironically, requires you to allow the installer to go online during installation. if the securom internet date-check at the end of the installation fails, it uninstalls the game. the installer also launches the game, and if the disc-check fails (which it will due to razor's "self made" iso), it will also roll back the installation. razor tried to 'fix' this, by creating a fake executable that should be copied over during the installation to prevent the installer from automatically uninstalling the game. how "retail" is that solution ?

    another example is the release of a-train 8. here a downloaded installer placed on a "self made iso" was good enough for razor. and in the ultimate act of hypocrisy, they nuked a legitimate proper that pointed out that their release crashed due to badly copied code from a trial version of the game, something they regularly accuse others of.

    as it looks, the reasons for razor's odd behaviour and unneeded propers may be an overinflated sense of entitlement and frustration over the recent
    inability to win releases in an honorable fashion.

    technical proof:

    00aad33b push borderla.01b2b7c8
    ; unicode "physxlocal/physxloader.dll"
    00aad340 call dword ptr ds:[<&kernel32.loadlibraryw>]
    ; kernel32.loadlibraryw
    00aad346 jmp short borderla.00aad364
    00aad348 mov esi,dword ptr ds:[<&kernel32.loadlibraryw>]
    ; kernel32.loadlibraryw
    00aad34e push borderla.01b2b800
    ; unicode "physxloader.dll"
    00aad353 call esi
    00aad355 test eax,eax
    00aad357 jnz borderla.00aad3e3
    00aad35d push borderla.01b2b820
    ; unicode "physxlocal/physxloader.dll"
    00aad362 call esi

    as physxloader.dll gets loaded the physx subsystem gets inited.

    017f6086 mov eax,borderla.01ef13f8
    017f608b jmp borderla.017f6090
    017f6090 push ecx
    017f6091 push edx
    017f6092 push eax
    017f6093 push borderla.01e863ec
    017f6098 call borderla.01892882
    017f609d pop edx
    017f609e pop ecx
    017f609f jmp eax
    017f60a1 mov eax,borderla.01ef13e4
    017f60a6 jmp borderla.017f6090
    017f60ab mov eax,borderla.01ef13e8
    017f60b0 jmp borderla.017f6090
    017f60b5 mov eax,borderla.01ef13ec
    017f60ba jmp borderla.017f6090
    017f60bf mov eax,borderla.01ef13f0
    017f60c4 jmp borderla.017f6090

    and the above gamecode fills the delayed iat-address with its corresponding physxloader apis. these apis will be called whenever the game calls physx sdk calls. an example of this:

    00aad51f |. call dword ptr ds:[1ef13ec] ; borderla.017f60b5
    00aad51f |. call dword ptr ds:[1ef13ec] ; physxloa.nxcreatephysicssdk