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  • ing.sürüngen.
    mortal kombat2'de sub zero ve scorpion'un yeşil versiyonu.
    dimmu borgir-spiritual black dimensions albümünün açılış parçası.
  • kendisiyle yapilacak en guzel hareket, gorunmez olup ardindan ilk defa mk 4*'te getirilen bir ozellik olan du$manin yaninda low-kick'e basilmasi olacaktir . gorunmezken du$manin yanini normal dovu$ esnasinda ayarlamak zor olabilir, o yuzden oncelikle bir fatality zamanimizi buna cali$maya feda ederek ali$tirma yapmaliyiz . bu ali$tirmalar kesinlikle du$manimizin boynunun kendi kendine krak diye kirilmasini gormeye degecektir .
  • eric clapton'in son albumu...ayrica albumdeki son sarkinin ki entrumentaldir adi...
    az once grammy aldigini ogrendim...en ii pop entrumental sarki dalinda aldi...
    guzel album..ne de olsa clapton...sarki da guzel calmasi ise ayri bi zevk...
  • cok hos bir helloween sarkisi. walls of jericho albumunde midir nedir... basslarini ayrica severim.
  • *sozleri*:

    coming from the sewerage creepin' thru the pipes
    born from modern chemistry a thing that is alive
    growing in this rotten crap at places no one wipes
    eating rats and stinking shit and all it needs to thrive

    the scientists got no way to fight
    for they can't find any weak point to get rid of it right
    you live your life and you don't know what's goin' on
    you just can't stop a thinking that the officials do you wrong

    you're sometimes wondering what the hell bit your baby's arm
    and the nuns at the holy mission can't keep the tramps from
    even thieves around dark corners too scared to leave the door
    frustrated businessmen needing a wank can't find themselves
    a whore

    you won't believe 'till you know that it's real
    from the pain in your stomach and the horror you feel
    you need a shit so you head off to the loo
    you're coming to the bog
    now what you're gonna do !

    there's the reptile (reptile)
    just see his eyes
    reptile (reptile)
    can you see the beast arise

    reptile (reptile)
    creeping up on you
    reptile (reptile)
    there's nothing left that you can do

    [solo: k/m]

    and there's the reptile (reptile)
    hidden till now
    reptile (reptile)
    but now it's there you don't know how

    reptile (reptile)
    just watch it grow
    reptile (reptile)
    and there's no more human being left but you

    oerrrps !
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    (bkz: yeşil ninja çıkartmak)
  • sözleri aşağıda yazılı bulunan dimmu borgir parçası.

    glowing eyes, staring eyes
    manifest of evil presence
    with entities swept in disease and decay
    a fall from paradise beyond redemption
    wratchild's afterglow

    he who speaks of nightly treasures
    he who wraps the serpent around my neck
    he who pours poisonous wine in my chalice
    he who lets me serve and slip away

    ...and so i will take shelter
    in the absence of the light
    hiding like a masked miniature in the dark
    a revenant without relief it seems
    for the art of becoming a progeny
    and to be raised in such curse
    is to forever creep among haive mortals
    infesting the dead in herdes

    his grandeur of guidance in roundtrips obscure
    he who immerse my hands in sullen thrills
    his paths on which domination linger
    he who dares to proove the sanity of mine

    he who speaks of nightly treasures
    he who lets me serve and slip away

    black unearthly void creature crawling
    forbidden, forgotten,fairly underrated
    bastards in the shape of angels holding my hands
    passing me what is left of the wine
  • 2001 yili cikisli kendisinden bekleneni veren eric clapton albumu.
    clapton baba bu albumde de j.j. cale (travellin' light), ray charles (come back baby), stevie wonder (i ain't gonna stand for it) ve james taylor (don't let me lonely tonight) gibi isimleri coverlamistir. iyi de yapmistir.

    icerdigi parcalar sirasiyla:

    2.got you on my mind
    3.travellin' light
    4.believe in life
    5.come back baby
    6.broken down
    7.find myself
    8.i ain't gonna stand for it
    9.i want a little girl
    10.second nature
    11.don't let me be lonely tonigt
    12.modern girl
    13.superman inside
    14.son & sylvia
  • süper bir the church şarkısı, aha da sözleri:

    too dangerous to keep.
    too feeble to let go.
    and you want to bite the hand.
    should have stopped this long ago.

    go now, you’ve been set free.
    another month or so you’ll be gorging on me (poisoning me on 2nd and 3rd times)
    with your lovely smile.
    i see you slither away with your skin and your tail,
    your flickering tongue and your rattling scales
    like a real reptile.

    had you coiled around my arm.
    how could you ever know
    how i loved your diamond eyes?
    but that was long ago. (chorus)

    and i should have believed eve.
    she said we had to blow.
    she was the apple of my eye.
    it wasn’t long ago. (chorus)
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