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  • 1997 de yayınlanan emperor epsi.the loss & curse of reverence,in longing spirit,opus a satana (ens.) şarkılarını içermektedir bu ep.
  • (bkz: reverans)
  • faithless'ın 1996 tarihli, yine "reverence" adlı satış rekorları kırmış albumunden olup, pek az bilinen bir parca olmasına karsın grubun en kaliteli yapıtlarından biridir.

    "you dont need eyes to see.. you need vision." mısrası en akılda kalıcı kısmıdır.

    neyleyim sozlerini yazmayan yari diloy yar oy :

    watch me ride...
    take the words and the bass,
    taste, and then swallow me,
    you're chasing the devil
    cos you're level if you follow me
    for quality, and i make no apology
    for linking my thinking with computer technology.
    cos this is like a modern day hymn
    for the new church,
    i search for the truth,
    i've got a hole in my tooth,
    i'm uncouth, yes sir,
    i'm from the street university
    where we learn to earn even in times of adversity.
    and i will find it a easy when you're out a hard time,
    petite crime sometimes,
    but now i'm inclined to find
    a fresh direction, kiss me neck,
    check out the funky section.
    cos this is the part where i start to rip up words,
    a comfort coming straight from my heart,
    i'm not a mystic,
    my views are realistic, simplistic,
    one special brew i get pissed quick,
    and get sick so i don't do it no more,
    i won't find peace of mind
    rolling around on the floor.
    the point i want to make,
    the mistake is to take without giving,
    from within,
    you know how i'm living,
    i'm cool, i'm looking after myself,
    and i could never place wealth before my spirit,
    i feel it's unhealthy,
    the devil creep around you so stealthy, stealthy
    'till you get bold, rush the gold,
    and before you're much older,
    you're soul is sold, where's it getting ya,
    competition starts swearing ya,
    gold-diggers setting you up,
    soon be forgetting your existence,
    do you need a for instance,
    i have to admire your persistence
    in sticking to a game plan,
    that brings you pain man,
    and at the end of the day nothing is gained,
    so listen to the voice within,
    i'll see ya later,
    pay heed to the grand oral disseminator.
    quite still you feel there's nothing going on
    until you realize the space behind your
    eyes is filling up with something like peace
    as your thoughts cease some pleasure grows in your soul.
    i aint a christian
    sometimes i feel like diss'in em
    but listen i'm just trying to tell you what i know
    if you would once relax, chill to the max
    these words on wax will cause sweet bells to ring in your soul.
    if i say god is alive i know you'll want to know why babies die, food don't grow. why?
    trains smash, plans crash,
    situation mash and slam bam
    your fellow man - money's in fashion
    it aint rational, because dammit, he didn't just give us the planet
    and its wealth, inside your soul he left a piece of himself, his voice is small
    i keep lying and trying,
    denying the call from inside
    you can't hide responsibility
    so decide from today just who it's going to be,
    thou shalt have no other god but me,
    so set you free see,
    but you'll have to listen,
    and who's that false idol
    i see you kissing?
    money, success and untold wealth, good health
    and all you have to do is love yourself.
    it's a fact you'll attract all the things that you lack,
    so just chill
    and get off the race track
    and take a pace back, face facts,
    it's your decision,
    you don't need eyes to see,
    you need vision,
    continue to view the lord as being separated
    and you'll be living a lie that's being perpetrated,
    for many centuries, i'm on a mission i want to mention these facts,
    these facts in my rap,
    i don't sing,
    but i want to share the peace that they bring,
    my name is g.o.d.
    the grand oral disseminator.
  • faithless'ın en güzel şarkılarından biridir
  • 1995 yılında çıkan ilk faithless albümüdür. konserlerinde mutlaka bu albümden insomnia, salva mea, drifting away çalarlar. irreverence adında bir remix albümü de mevcuttur. parça listesi de şöyledir;

    01. reverence
    02. don't leave
    03. salva mea (save me)
    04. if loving you is wrong
    05. angeline
    06. insomnia
    07. dirty ol' man
    08. flowerstand man
    09. baseball cap
    10. drifting away
  • faithless'in en güzel şarkısıdır.
  • öyle sözleri vardır ki tek şarkı, kesmemiş yeni şarkılarda da kullanmıştır kısım kısım bu sözleri maxi jazz.

    "the point ı want to make is
    you can never escape from your fate
    the mistake is to take without giving"

    (bkz: bluegrass)

    "quite still you feel there's nothing going on
    until you realize the space behind your
    eyes is filling up with something like peace
    as your thoughts cease some pleasure grows in your soul"

    (bkz: donny x)

    g.o.d. meselesi de god is a dj'in habercisi gibi.
  • parkway drive'ın 6. stüdyo albümünün ismidir. 4 mayıs 2018 tarihinde yayımlanmıştır.

    albüm kadrosu:

    winston mccall – vokaller
    jeff ling – lead gitar
    luke kilpatrick – gitar
    jia o'connor – bas
    ben gordon – davul

    stüdyo: the warehouse studio - all buttons in
    prodüktör: george hadjichristou
    mix: josh wilbur
    mastering: ted jensen

    track list:

    1. wishing wells
    2. prey
    3. absolute power
    4. cemetery bloom
    5. the void
    6. ı hope you rot
    7. shadow boxing
    8. ın blood
    9. chronos
    10. the colour of leaving

    (albümle ilgili yorumum: #76955577)
  • edm dunyasinin en iyi albumlerinden ilk uce giren, ve hatta bir cok insan icin ilk sirada kendi yerini almis faithless albumudur.

    bu albumun hakkini vermek icin kaliteli bir kulaklik takilmali ve hic bir sey yapmadan tum album bastan sona dinlenmelidir. o aranjman, produksuyon, kayit kalitesi, caginin cok ilerisindedir ki 22 yil gecmis aradan.

    nasil ki pink floyd'un the dark side of the moon albumu o zamanin studyolarina cag atlattirmis ve rock muzigi bambaska bir yone tasiyabilmis ve geleceklere ornek olmus ise, reverence albumu de edm dunyasi icin aynisini yapmistir. bu kadar ozen ile ugrasilmis ve ortaya cikarilmis bir album produksuyonu cok ama cok nadir goruluyor. dinleyin, hakkini verin.