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  • ingilizcede hayata getirme/getiriliş/döndürme vs. (bkz: revive) (bkz: hayim revivo)
  • orgy'nin family values konserlerinde nakaratin orta yerinde sahneye firlayan jonathan davis'le birlikte soyleyip sukse yaptigi $arki. nedense korn'un rarelerinden biri olarak geciyor.

    so what's with your kind
    you scavenge to find
    what makes you supreme in design
    accuse you 'cause they had the fun
    so differently divine
    when my mind goes override
    it's so typical to capture anonymity
    i choose the crowd to divide

    so you see i try
    i cannot ever displace
    you see i'm jaded at times
    from nowhere leaving this place
    so you see me die
    right in front of your face
    you see i'm jaded at times
    from nowhere leaving this place

    they made us with a tool
    then they taught us how to live
    we met the candyman
    he filled us with his contraband
    then they scared us all away


    while you're visiting your bubble of reality
    salivating at the sound of the bells
    i'll be seducing you through your confession
    they've been the ones you've known forever
    someone's been lied to
    with all the rage
    caught us dismal at times
    we've known forever

    you've been denied of supervision
    just a test tube life away
    how could you make believe
    that we've grown through circumcision
    when it's right here next to me
    friendships change to time
    they'd never let us leave
    you took your time
    so too late
    missing what you've never had
    i'll be the only one that knows
    just how we've been abused
  • an eye for an eye.
    a tear for a tear.
    a lie for a lie.
    the weak dress in hatred to hide their fear.

    we cling to symbols for our mind - hour by hour we're losing us.
    defenceless for the weak to bind - second by second abusing us!
    a wound for a wound.
    by silence we breed.
    learn the hate that keeps us blind, from the hands that hit and feed!
    children teach each other pain - hour by hour they're learning it.
    dreamers in the wheel of reign - second by second we're turning it around:

    closing the books of the prophets.
    closing our eyes for the visions that die
    and then we weep...
    "why do i still need to cry, when i'm so happy now?"
    saviors come forth in times of need.
    prophets seek me - for you will bleed!

    cry little lonely world cry!
    i won't close my eyes.
    i'll be your tears when you're dry, pouring to the ground

    scar by scar
    we're all becoming seeking prophets now.

    i won't bear the cross one step further!
    i won't bear your hate any longer!
    free i will rise!
    (come to me now - feel the revival. follow me now - join the revival)

    see me
    believe in me
    hear me - i'll speak to you.
    you are the prophets come forth and i'll bleed for you!

    i'll bleed for you...

    seklinde sozleri olan pain of salvation sarkisidir ayrica.
  • reverend horton heat'in 2004 çıkışlı sekizinci stüdyo albümü.

    1. "the happy camper" (heath) – 2:34
    2. "revival" (heath) – 4:14
    3. "callin' in twisted" (heath) – 2:33
    4. "if it ain't got rhythm" (heath) – 2:40
    5. "new york city girls" (heath) – 2:53
    6. "indigo friends" (heath) – 3:55
    7. "someone in heaven" (heath) – 3:36
    8. "octopus mode" (heath) – 2:52
    9. "party mad" (heath) – 2:41
    10. "honky tonk girl" (heath) – 3:10
    11. "lonesome man" (heath) – 3:27
    12. "i'm your pet rock" (heath) – 4:08
    13. "rumble strip" (heath) – 2:39
    14. "we belong forever" (heath) – 3:15
    15. "goin' back home" (heath) – 1:23
  • dumanı hala tüten ekim 2007 çıkışlı enfes john fogerty albümü. ilk haftasında 65.000 satarak billboard 200'e 14. sıradan girmiştir. her zamanki gibi rock, country ve blues'u çok güzel bir biçimde harmanlamış fogerty.

    1. don't you wish it was true - 4:11
    2. gunslinger - 3:31
    3. creedence song - 3:49
    4. broken down cowboy - 3:51
    5. river is waiting - 3:22
    6. long dark night - 3:07
    7. summer of love - 3:19
    8. natural thing - 4:00
    9. it ain't right - 1:49
    10. i can't take it no more - 1:39
    11. somebody help me - 4:27
    12. longshot - 4:38
  • solace albümünden süper lengsel parçası.

    again i stare
    without really being able to

    the verity terrifies
    the dreams, the lies i deify
    in despair i fail to understand
    whether the dreams create the scruples
    or the other way around

    as the eyes begin to sting
    i am swallowed by an abstract state
    the spirit of indifference is here

    apathetic, searching
    the sorrow feels preposterous
    within this psychotic chaos
    the will smoothers
    with the spew from the past

    weakened i dry out the faith
    and then kiss its forehead

    this inner desperation is sort of religious
    no clammy hands can alter me
    my god
    alleviate the many distressed
    i firmly proclaim
    hand out the water to those who thirst
  • amerikan protestant kiliselerinin "inanç yenileme" amaçlı düzenlediği toplantılara verilen ad. tam olarak ne olduğunu anlamadım.
  • the answer isimli grubun ekim 2011' de çıkan son albümü. her zamanki gibi süper bir iş çıkarmış keratalar. severek dinliyoruz. şarkı listesi de şöyle:

    1. waste your tears
    2. use me
    3. trouble
    4. nowhere freeway
    5. tornado
    6. vida (i want you)
    7. caught on the riverbed
    8. destroy me
    9. new day rising
    10. cant remember, cant forget
    11. one more revival
    12. lights are down