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  • grunge in mihenk taşlarından green river in 1985 yılında çıkmış olan come on down epsinde yer alan şarkısı.
  • kenny wayne sheperdın 2017 lay it down albümünden bir şarkı

    runnin down the 101 got the sun on my back
    didn't mean to do what ı done gotta cover my tracks
    pretty little honey that's along for the ride
    ain't got a clue what ı'm leaving behind
    what ı'm leaving behind

    we're gonna get a little wild and crazy
    we're talking top down pedal to the metal
    better hold on tight
    you're in for the ride of your life

    trouble in blue in the rear view coming up fast
    baby we as cool as that hula girl dancin on the dash
    dirt road detour off the blacktop
    this 426 ain't never gonna stop
    ıt ain't never gonna stop

    lawman waiting round the bend at the end of the road
    spike strip shining in the sun only one way to go
    ain't giving up gonna drop it in gear
    gonna give em hell get the hell outta here
    get the hell outta here