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  • latince. "romans, go home" manasina gelir.
  • bu replik life of brian filminde centurionun briani saray duvarina "romans, go home" manasinda ama yanlis gramer ile romanes eunt domus yazarken yakalamasi uzerine kulagindan cekmek ve sacindan asilmak suretinde verdigi dilbilgisi dersi akabinde dogar.

    diyalog ise soyle seyir eder:

    --------[brian approaches the palace wall at night, and starts painting something on the wall. he does not, however see a group of roman guards approaching from behind him led by a centurian (cntrian) who reads his writing.]

    centurion: what's this then? "romanes eunt domus"? "people called romanes they go the house"?
    brian: it, it says 'romans go home'.
    centurion: no it doesn't. what's latin for 'roman'? come on...
    brian: aaah. [the centurion is pulling brian's ear]
    centurion: come on.
    brian: ah! "romanus"?
    centurion: goes like?
    brian: "-annus"?
    centurion: vocative plural of "-annus" is?
    brian: "-anni"
    centurion: (takes paintbrush from brian and paints over) "ro-ma-ni". "eunt"? what is "eunt"?
    brian: go.
    centurion: conjugate the verb 'to go'.
    brian: uh. "ire". uh... "eo", "is", "it", "imus", "itis", "eunt".
    centurion: so "eunt" is...?
    brian: ah, uh, third person plural of present indicative. they go.
    centurion: but "romans, go home!" is an order, so you must use the...? [the centurian lifts brian by the sideburns...]
    brian: the imperative.
    centurion: which is...?
    brian: ahm. oh, oh, um... i, i.
    centurion: how many romans? (pulls harder)
    brian: ah. plural, plural... ite, ite.
    centurion: ite. [strikes over "eunt", and paints "ite" on the wall.] "domus"? nominative? "go home", this is motion towards, isn't it, boy?
    brian: dative, sir.
    --------[the centurian takes out his weapon, and holds it to brian's throat.]
    brian: ahh. no, not dative, not the dative, sir. oh, ah. uh. no, ablative, ablative, sir. no,the accusative accusative. ah, domum, sir. ab domum! ah! oooh! ah!
    centurion: except that "domus" takes the?
    brian: ... the locative, sir!
    centurion: which is...?
    brian: domum. aaah! ah.
    --------[again, the writing is ammended.]
    centurion: (strikes out "domus" and writes "domum") understand? "domum"... "-mum".... understand?
    brian: yes, sir.
    centurion: now, write it out a hundred times.
    brian: yes, sir. thank you, sir. hail caeser, sir.
    centurion: hail caeser. and if it's not done by sunrise, i'll cut your balls off.
    brian: ooh, thank you, sir. thank you, sir. hail caeser and everything, sir.
    --------[the centurian walks off leaving two sentrys behind to guard him.]
    --------[dawn over jerusalem. brian has written the slogan all over the front of the palace.]
    brian: finished!
    --------[the sentries pick up their shields and spears. one of them points his spear threatiningly at brian, and speaks.]
    sentry: right. now don't do it again.
    --------[the two walk off as brian admires his handywork. unfortunately, another group of guards come along, and realise whah has been written. brian realises, and runs.]
  • lat. "roman ite domuz dermiş." nasil yani?
  • monty python bombalarından biri daha. $urdan izlenebilir:
  • bunca zaman sonra bile izlendiginde yardirmasi ile meshurdur. latin dillerinin en azindan birini bilenler icin ise ekstra manidardir.

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