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  • jamiroquai grubunun '95 senesi the return of the space cowboy albumunun 8. şarkısı.
  • sözlerini de unutmayalım ewt:

    you say you fight to give us freedom
    but often more than not this is abused
    and the faces of a tired generation
    have decided they are sick of being used
    for the purpose of current declarations
    still the same, it'll never change until the end
    is to buy appreciation of the nation
    to cover the mistakes you must defend
    and you say there'll be a chance for evryone
    to proptest against your calculated greed
    but i can see into the future
    won't be long before the welfare
    send me letters telling me how much they need
    and it's not been in my interest to please them
    for the only interest rate to fall is mine
    see a brand new generation in demanding
    what you've been doing with out money all this time

    people try living life at speed of light
    don't know why but i have to do the things i do
    give me ten, that's the move i give you five
    people say it's the way to stay alive

    so you see you have to be a schemer
    if you wanna love the life you have to live
    and it don't matter how much i earn
    'cos i always get my fingers burned
    when the man gets down to his business
    and i've been searching for a reason
    why i have to give it all up just when i want to get ahead
    see i had to lose car, job, wife, dog and home
    debts and threats on the telephone
    maybe i should bust a move instead
    now we all know when we watch the television
    not confused between a puppet or conviction
    glued to the screen by a thousand shallow words of widsom
    it ain't what it seems when it's a single sided system
    someone's got a hold on my living
    so i'm gonna have to do the things that's fair
    they got to justify for what i should be giving
    should i lie, should i steal or should i care
    'cos now i've got to scam
  • (bkz: scam.com)
  • ks. scsi configured automatically. scsi device'larin id'leri otomatik almasini saglayan protokol. dunyanin en sorunlu ozelligi olarak bilinir.
  • gelen bir mailden:

    "if someone comes to your front door saying they are conducting a survey
    on deer ticks and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around
    with your arms up, do not do it!! it is a scam; they only want to see
    you naked.

    i wish i'd gotten this yesterday. i feel so stupid now."

    (bkz: spam)
  • ing. dümen, dolap, hile, hurda.

    şöyle bir şeydir aynen:
    "microsoft award 2009

    your email address has just been awarded £250,000,00gbp
    (two hundred
    and fifty thousand pounds.) on the just concluded microsoft
    2009 promotions.
    for claims, kindly fill the form below;
    full name:
    home address:
    telephone no:
    marital status:
    once we receive those details, we shall get back to you on
    how your funds
    will be given to you.
    note: us on this

    işte bu noktada yahu en kötü ihtimal gönderenin e-mail adresinin microsoft ile alakalı olmadığını bile fark etmeyen ve bu kişilere geri dönen kişiyi hoş sürprizler bekliyor.
  • bir diğer örneği için:
    i am david pui ,a staff of citi bank plc,uk .i am seeking your assistance in a
    legitimate business transaction running into $2.5million usd. for further details as to
    the work ability of this transaction,please write back by on my personal
    email: dvdpui52@gmail.com
    please provide me with your name, phone number,fax and country of residence.i shall
    however leave out the final details of this transaction till i receive an affirmation
    of your desire to participate.please do not overlook this email.this deal will change
    our lives forever.

    david pui.
    tel: +447011150362."
  • sazanlar için hazırlanmış dalavareler.

    sana acayip para çıktı, fakat sana göndermem için şu hesaba bilmem kaç lira yatır da masrafları/vergileri ödeyip gönderelim mantığıyla dönen dümendir...

    bir muadili için..

    """dear muhendisce,

    greetings to you. i am charles dakoury,a registered legal practitioner and national of ivory coast. i have access to some legal and confidential information concerning a late mr.tarık pitircik a resident investor here who recently passed away. i handled some legal briefs for him concerning a deposit of valuables and cash he made with a deposit company here. owing to the demise of my client and by virtue of my relationshipwith him, i have decided to use all the resources within my power toretrieve the deposit, since my client died intestate. until this time i,the solicitors, have been trying to determine the whereabouts of any ofthe relatives who will assume the responsibility of safe guarding the estate of the deceased.

    it is not my will to see the above matter treated that way hence i conducted a search that will assist me in first and foremost fighting for the safety of the consignment and all that is contained therein.i amvery much aware of my client's last dealings with the deposit firm and ihave the singular privilege of being in possession of some of the signedagreement papers. i have contacted you to assist in repatriating themoney and property left behind by my client because if a relative is notfound within six weeks then the public trustee will seize the entireestate of my late client, a substantial windfall for both the governmentand the deposit company.

    i look forward to your cooperation and your extreme discretion in this matter. until such time as this matter is settled, i will continue to work with you to see that the deposit is retrieved and forwarded in your name as a bona fide proxy to my late client. we shall within the courseof the next few days plan and execute how best to pursue this mutualmatter with a view to cost effectiveness, i have all the necessary legaldocuments that will be used to back up any claim we may make. all irequire is your honest cooperation to enable us see this deal through. iuarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement thatwill protect you from any breach of law. please get in touch with me byemail to enable us discuss further.

    yours sincerely
    charles doukouré.

    doukouré chambers
    avocats et avocats-conseils.
    lot, 2743 ,cocody

    edit : oltaya düşmüş gibi, tabiki size yardımcı olmayı çok isterim, ne yapmam gerekiyor, nasıl yardımcı olabilirim deyince iştahlandılar sanırım... cevapta geldi... sonuna kadar sürdürelim bakalım ne olacak.

    ""i thank you for your prompt response to my mail. the information i have passed to you is a privileged information as my motive in this matter is clear as i am seeking for your consent and cooperation in the retrieval of a deposit that was made by late mr.tarık pitircik in a bank here in abidjan. i decided to undertake this assignment based on the premises that justice must be carried out. since i cannot accomplish this alone, i decided to confide in you and seek for your assistance to accomplish this matter and i have not spoken about the existence of this outstanding pay out to anyone else except you.

    it will sure interest you to know that the late contractor was originally from your country but long migrated to the france before finally coming to settle here in africa. though i am aware of the fact that you might or might not be related to my late client but due to the urgent need for action, i find it convenient to contact you due to the urgency of the matter as we are running a race against time in order to prevent the bank from liquidating the account if it is not claimed within the stipulated time as they have indicated to me. from my calculations, the transaction will take 14 bank business days to be completed.

    the management of the bank where this cash is deposited have adopted a resolution and i as the deceased's attorney was mandated to provide his next of kin for the claiming of this deposit or run the risk of forfeiting the deposit to the board of public trustee by invoking a clause on property act, after the expiration of a period given to me. despairing and at the point of desperation, i came across your name/email, while trying to locate documentation's regarding possible relatives of my client. convinced that you may be able to act in capacity as next of kin relative to the late abudul ?nal based on your sharing surnames, i decided to contact you with these facts before me.

    i assume that you will approve of the fact that we cannot allow the sweat of a man to pass over to the board of public trustee when there are avenues that we can use to avert such an end. the legitimacy of this transaction must never be in doubt because it is my duty to present you to the bank but you have to first of all convince me that you are capable of acting as a proxy here to the deceased. the most important thing here is to ensure that there is adequate trust and transparency in all we are doing concerning the release and transfer of this cash deposit with the bank. it is important that i let you know that you are my last hope of salvaging something here so we have to work as a team in order to achieve the goal.

    on a personal level, i knew the late contractor, mr. abudul ?nal for over eight years with five of them as his close confidante. i had assisted him in setting up a brokering firm here in abidjan in 2002 and ever since then we grew closer. i must be frank with you that i had never met any of his relations as he seems quite comfortable here. as a matter of fact he was well settled here, like most other expatriates of american, asian and other european origin and was prospering in his commercial endeavours. until his death he was residing at 2 rue fleming, zone 4, abidjan. he was aged 72, when he met his demise. i have been on this matter ever since and initiated a searches to be able to locate a well meaning relative of the deceased that will assist in the retrieval and reparation of the estate of my late client but all was to no avail.

    concerning the immediate matter at hand, i was a witness when the late abudul set up a safe deposit account with the bank and made a deposit of us$13.4 million in cash and some valuables which were recorded in the log book as personal items. this deposit was made on the 4th of february 2004. the deposit has long matured for retrieval but the bank wants me as a witness to provide the next of kin to our client . considering the limited time we have in this matter, to make our case in this matter, i will like us to move with urgency in other to rescue the deposit.the issue is that it pays more for us to pursue the matter as i have proposed than losing entirely to the public trustee, who will seize or in their own term "absorb" the entire estate of the late contractor, a substantial windfall for both the government and the bank officials. the success of this transaction is our collective responsibility and i propose that we set aside 10% of the total money and share to various charities around the world.

    i have in my possession, copies of the lodgement certificate and the account opening agreement so we are not going to face any problems making the claims as these documents are essentially adequate for this transaction. upon reciept of your next mail, in which i expect you to include more information about yourself such as your address, age/occupation,marital status and your telephone/fax numbers, i will need to include these information in the filling of the official application for claims which i will submit to the bank to officially inform them that a next of kin to the late depositor has been located. after making this submission, i will then send you the bank contact details so you can proceed and contact to commence the process of the release and transfer of this deposit to you. if you have any questions on this process, please do not hesistate to get back to me by either email or telephone.

    thank you and have a nice day.

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