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  • macabre grubunun unabomber adli son albumunun kapanış şarkısı.ayrica (bkz: serial killers)

    i'll thrill you; i'll kill you; cut your heart out
    then i'll dismember your body parts
    i'll break in your house late at night
    my smiling face is your final sight
    i'll cut your throat with a razor blade
    and leave you in a shallow grave
    i'll pound your face against the fuckin' street
    you'll love my work; it'll be complete
    i'll strip you and rip you; your death is my game
    i love my work and i have no shame
    i'll pick you up when you're hitchhiking
    then you'll never be seen again
    i'll cave in your head, your face i'll distort
    then you'll end up as a "missing" report
    i'll smash your skull with a two-by-four
    till your brains are on the floor
  • turk olanlarina seri katil denir..
  • (bkz: converge)
  • türkçeye seri katil olarak çevrilmiş tanım. hakkı devrim bu duruma gereksiz olduğunu düşündüğüm boyutta tepki göstermiş ve seri katil dendiğinde katilin seri, yani hızlı, çabuk olduğu anlamı çıkar demiştir.*
  • (bkz: gary ridgway)
  • cold, cold.

    everyone around you suffocates
    i can see your madness rip your brain
    i can see th bodies on the wall
    all the nightmare dreams i can't recall come

    i can see the future boiling up around i'm so afraid
    somone told you make her 1/2 a girl she used to be alive
    i can feel the fire, crawlin on you like you're superman
    but i would pay to watch you burn

    all the love you have disintegrates
    all that saved you was your apathy
    i can see teh knives hung on the wall
    all the nightmare dreams i can't recall come

    take back this pain you gave

    all the love you have disintegrates
    all taht saved you was your apathy
    i remember all the knives you hung
    and all the bodies stretched across the wall
    all teh drama that they made me think
    couldn't be real must be fake
    i can see the bodies on the wall
    all the nightmare dreams i can't recall come
  • slash's snakepit'in 2000 tarihli ain't life grand albümünün 7. parcasi..
    albümün genelinden ayrilan melodik bir yapisi var, altyapisi itibariyle farkli bir müzisyenlerin elinden ciktigini tahmin ediyorum ama bilemedim..
    daha dogrusu ben bu albümü dinledim, en cokta bu $arkiyi sevdim demeye getiriyorum, bi skten anliyomu$ gibi gözükmek icin de lafi uzatiyorum..
  • (bkz: chucky)
  • aşmış vnv nation şarkısı, merak edenlere yollayayaım yane o derece aşmış.
    sözlerini de yazayım tam olsun;
    in a face
    a view
    through eyes this world collides.
    i am voiceless in my angst
    and nothing can take us back
    to innocence.
    short, sharp, bloodlust reality.
    in despair i reach for night,
    in water purity reigns to be resolute.
    as a land we clean our minds, reap our belongings,
    sow our angers and our strengths.
    all to obsessed by weakness
    we have brought ourselves to meaninglesness.
    so easy to control, bring to harm.
    a gathering of fools unjustified, on a mountain.
    i collect my thoughts
    and i rise above all that despises me.
    comprehend the ways of man
    and under a flag we salute or burn
    there is blood on both shores.
    with hardened mind i traveled,
    with hardened heart i conquered
    a freedom so ironic, so despicable, so hipocritical.

    there is anger resolute.
    rears its familiar head on the tv screen.
    in a dozen bags a life was placed.
    in a breath he smiled and waved.
    five minutes at a time the power held true.
    without consternation our laws are lost.
    lost to butchers, lost to child killers, lost to narcotic ritual.
    another tag, another headline.
    another smiling face shall stay 10 winters long forever.
    and where are the angels to guard?
    where is the god of men and children?
    he is stalking the minds of dark poor souls.
    i know it's right and i know it's time for freedom:
    to kill another and to kill another child of the flag
    'till there are none left...
    to kill another and to kill another
    gaze in horror at what you've become
    and take a look at what you've done.
    you'll repent for what you've done;
    raping my daughter, raping my son.