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  • salon dergisinde justin elliott imzasıyla yayınlanan arabic for right-wingers başlıklı makalede şeriat kavramının doğru ve yanlış kullanımları şöyle aktarılmıştır:

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    the term: shariah

    how it's used: to refer to a rigid set of muslim laws that prescribe stoning for adulterous women, execution for homosexuals, etc.

    example: "we all know what shariah law does to women -- women must wear burqas, women are subject to humiliation and into controlled marriages under sharia law. we want to prevent it from ever happening in texas." -- texas state rep. leo berman

    what it actually means: historically, many muslims and non-muslims have come to confuse and use the terms "shariah" and "islamic law" interchangeably. because the quran is not a law book, early jurists used revelation as well as reason to create a body of laws to govern their societies. but, over time, these man-made laws came to be viewed as sacred and unchangeable. muslims who want to see shariah as a source of law in constitutions therefore have very different visions of how that would manifest. though the definition of shariah refers to the principles in the quran and prophetic tradition, some expect full implementation of classical or medieval islamic law; others want a more restricted approach, like prohibiting alcohol, requiring the head of state to be a muslim, or creating shariah courts to hear cases involving muslim family law (marriage, divorce and inheritance). still others simply want to ensure that no constitutional law violates the principles and values of islam, as found in the quran.

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  • şeriatın ne olduğunu ve ne olmadığını çok iyi bir şekilde açıklayan bir new york times makalesi için bkz.:

    does shariah mean the rule of law? / noah feldman / the new york times / 16 mart 2008

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