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  • running wild'in "victory" albümünde yer alan güzel parça:

    silent killer

    did you ever see shoes are lying in the streets?
    brand new clothing, a pilgrim with no deeds? no way!

    did you ever think, who would throw it away?
    a case of confusion? madness on its way?

    silence, dead of the night
    killers, lurking behind

    darkness falls, the serpent strikes
    a secret calls in the mask of the night

    why should it happen a hundred times a year?
    a secret behind that should rouse our fear?

    millions of people disappearing year by year
    leaving no trace or did they just go out of here?
    long told stories tell a blackened man awaits
    minotaurs meal, through bones and blood he wades
  • 2018 çıkışlı keyifli mustasch albümü. özellikle vokal çok başarılı.