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    ayrica (bkz: apnea)
  • clash the truth albümünden leziz bir beach fossils şarkısı. demo versiyonu ayrıca dinlenmelidir. sözleri de şöyledir:

    pardon me, ı didn't realize
    what's in your eyes
    my arms are open wide,
    but ı can't even decide what ı wanna do

    ı'm staring at the sky,
    but ı can't tell which way my thoughts are travelling
    ı'm trying to listen to your words,
    but ı can't feel my head and it's unravelling

    sometimes ı don't longer know
    what it means to care about the things you wanna do

    everybody's living or they're dead
    ı'm still in my bed
    and ı don't have a clue

    ı won't lie and tell you it's alright