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  • cornershop'un 97 cikisli when i was born for the seventh time albumunu acan, hemen giristeki akordeon melodisi ile bir anda herseyi toz pembe gormemize yol acan, icimizi isitan, gunumuzu aydinlatan "fankiii" eser.. kendine fransiz susu vermis bin bir isimli brit les rythmes digitales** ve ashley beedle'nin elinden cikma enteresan remiksleri de mevcut.

    tjinder singh, al kalemi bir de benden yaz:
    sleep on the left side
    leave the right side free
    hope gets salted
    as those around you leave
    we’re gonna let it up like india house on fire
    we’re gonna let it go
    and let it go higher
    houcam is our call
    we’re gonna take it
    that virgin fall
    there’s gonna be some
    when we let it up
    and let it breathe
    and all the holes
    doused with grief
    and planets up
    and time to leave
    no asian lyre
    will leave us dyre
    born again into asian line
    there comes no telling
    how it will be
    what gets turned to smoke
    was in our hearts
    and planets up
    what we have lost

    sleep on the left side
    keep the sword hand free
    arrrh, wuttevess gonna be is
    gone nu be
    for the 7th time
    without, tumbling disyre
    easy dizease
    we’re gonna let it known
    and let it go slow, let it go

    sleep on the left side
    sleep on the left side
    some sounds
    some buttons
    can’t release

    the window box, the window box

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