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  • who can you trust albumunun 7.parcasi..

    you feel frozen
    but you've been chosen
    you lay there drunken
    your dreams seem sunken

    your world's a small world
    and you break the rules
    you're one big fish
    in a pool of fools

    tired of serving up you town
    tired of wearing that crown
    tired of sliding up and down
    tired of being you

    your work's no future
    your girl don't suit you
    the bar won't serve you
    you have no nerve to

    take a break
    from this sad old school
    accross the lake
    lies a place that's cool

    run you've got a place to go
    run you've got a boat to row
    run you've got a face to show
    run while you can

    the high street's sleeping
    as friday's creeping
    the shops are open
    but their minds are closed

    how's it going but it's not their concern
    they talkin' stuff about you
    that you never learn

    smile, you're on your own
    smile, 'cause you've outgrown
    smile, you lost your home
    smile to yourself
  • elderly woman behind the counter in a small town sarkisinin live pearl jam bootleglerinin bazilarinda yazilis sekli. bir digeri icin (bkz: elderly woman)
  • okuyana olası eşcinselliğini sorgulatan ve "içindeki kadın ile barışık ol" mesajını (da) veren kitaptır aynı zamanda.
    meraklısı için not: ben sorguladım, "access denied" mesajını aldım.
  • bir john cougar mellencamp şarkısı

    well i was born in a small town
    and i live in a small town
    prob'ly die in a small town
    oh, those small communities

    all my friends are so small town
    my parents live in the same small town
    my job is so small town
    provides little opportunity

    educated in a small town
    taught the fear of jesus in a small town
    used to daydream in that small town
    another boring romantic that's me

    but i've seen it all in a small town
    had myself a ball in a small town
    married an l.a. doll and brought her to this small town
    now she's small town just like me

    no i cannot forget where it is that i come from
    i cannot forget the people who love me
    yeah, i can be myself here in this small town
    and people let me be just what i want to be

    got nothing against a big town
    still hay seed enough to say
    look who's in the big town
    but my bed is in a small town
    oh, and that's good enough for me

    well i was born in a small town
    and i can breathe in a small town
    gonna die in this small town
    and that's prob'ly where they'll bury me
  • bill frisell ve thomas morgan ortaklığında hazırlanmış, dingin bir jazz albümü.

    bill frisell: gitar
    thomas morgan: kontrbas