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  • african sunrise

    when the night falls
    i take shelter in her voice
    something in me shines
    fears sorrows and pains
    have disappeared suddenly

    this is the african sunrise
    this is the black beauty
    that dream is being my eyes
    so being eternity
    i cant take my eyes of this scenery
    everything got behind
    only she and me
  • my name is owencan
    do you believe me baby
    yes you can
    ı want to fuck you baby
    youre a cocksucker lady
  • hey beybi kençusi
    how i hate your friend dennis
    hey beybi pliiz
    if he wanna play tennis
    tell him to take my penis.
  • diesel dream

    i need a break with you
    sleeping on pipes, dreaming us
    not my hands in grease
    with my heart of you
    so shiny and clean
    as we always do.

    shafts are running in my head
    my ship is so fast
    she's catching the waves
    on the valentine's day
    i'm thinking of you
    but, you're far away.

    and the hard voyage is hard
    so the inclining is lot
    my stomach is sick
    my foot is broken
    i miss you baby
    in a dark ocean.

    "it's a sin, which makes you a monster,
    it's a crime, commited when you born,
    and it's you, a natural-born teller
    writing and singing this song"
  • write
  • i love you
    oh baby.
  • rastgele gelisen siirleri de barindirir.

    say no more.
    it was some
    the younger!!
    easy for.

    mesela bu eserime "the fuck i saw near my thumb while i was reading some shit" diyorum. kisaca uzay seftalisi de diyebilirsiniz. yerseniz.
  • only owen can do this
    give me a hug
    never enough
    just one kiss
  • i created my own colors to paint my life,
    loving all cost me so much,
    they faded away,
    now i have to live with my black,
    praying that one day i’ll take them back.

    i fell in love with my own love to be never forsaken,
    once i woke up with myself,
    the tragedy has begun to condemn,
    i was trapped in what i saw at that time right,
    haunting the soul to resuscitate a flesh in the night.

    i built my own world to live with the good and the bad,
    i knew i had forgotten that matters most,
    it’s like traveling through my mind, having isolated,
    my death is to be appear in case of living in the end,
    time is going to stop when my legacy is sent.

    i died in my own loneliness to realize myself in the crowd,
    saying farewell to who are behind,
    pains me so much as like seeing them live in agony,
    life, count me in to sing a lullaby in the field of innocence,
    sacrificing all my love to see you alive.

    *2012 ekim