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  • spotify'da denk geldiğim ve miley cyrus'un olduğunu görünce şaşırdığım şarkı. güzel şarkı çünkü. sözleri:

    sitting here with nothing to say
    looking out the window it just rained
    but the sun's up for the day
    and there's probably a rainbow
    but ı don't care
    'cause all the colors left with you

    thinking about driving around in your car
    ı never though that we would take it very far
    ı just love talking, and then parking
    then we go walking
    ı loved you so much

    ı just started watching tv
    ı get so high 'cause you're not here
    smoking my weed
    and ı get so bored
    'cause you're not here to make me laugh

    you're so cute
    ın your space suit
    ın your space boots
    space dude

    since you've left ı've started to drink
    sometimes now and ı do drugs ı'll start to overthink
    and ı start crying
    ı think ı'm dying
    but ı'm just tripping spiraling down this hole

    oh space dude in your space boots
    ı got…