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  • türkçe "durağan"
  • (bkz: statik)
  • beck'in mutations albümünden tam pazar'lık bi şarkı... kendini içeri hapsetmek için bundan iyi gün olur mu..
  • godspeed you black emperor'un moda sokan mukemmel sarkilarindan biri . ozellikle parca boyunca artan tempo "world police and friendly fire" kisminin sonuna dogru had safaya cikar ve koparsiniz . gybe bu isi cok iyi basariyor .
  • tam olarak 4:25'de baslayan muthis monologa sahip, meditasyon niyetine dinlenilmesi gereken muthis bir parca. o monologu internette birileri cikarmayi basarmis, bana da copy paste etmek dusuyor sanirim:

    ...prepared in innocence to meet our king of glory
    and so we have this
    you have it in your secret windows
    and you're understanding to understand it and to bring it forth
    it takes minute detail
    it takes a holy life
    it takes emotions
    it takes dedication
    it takes dedication
    it takes a death
    and only god can allow it
    and you couldn't do it if you're not the seed of god
    and so the path through the great corridors
    these are corridors unto his perfection
    that is which the prophet and the oarman summoned has penetrated
    that through this great sea of blackness
    that i penetrated through these corridors
    and i went through that last segment
    where i went through these dark serpentines
    i passed through that corridor
    where they sat
    where they are
    and when you penetrate to the most high god
    you will believe you are mad
    you will believe you've gone insane
    but i tell you if you follow the secret window
    and you die to the ego nature
    you will penetrate this darkness
    oh yes there's many a man or woman
    that's been put in the insane asylum
    when this has happened to them
    and they're sitting there today, people think they're insane
    but they saw something that's real
    and they see it when they're on drugs
    the only thing is they see it
    not through the light of god, and the way i show you
    i show you to see it through the light of god
    and the understanding of god
    because when you see the face of god you will die
    and there will be nothing left of you
    except the god-man, the god-woman
    the heavenly man, the heavenly woman
    the heavenly child
    there will be terror under this day of night
    there will be a song of jubilee waiting for your king
    there will be nothing you will be looking for in this world
    except for your god
    this is all a dream
    a dream in death

    and so i went through that window
    and the tower of hell and the great serpentines of the highest order
    and i went through that when i showed you chart #3
    the question is asked and learned and someone who....
  • bir chalice şarkısı.
    (bkz: augmented)
  • chalice'e ait olanının sözleri:

    i had to face you again
    i had to taste you once more
    i had to hit that wall
    with you as my mentor

    and watch my wretched flesh rot
    inhaling the stench of regret
    feeling life stripped from my vertebrae
    free in my toxin vortex

    peak hour
    sewer side

    i had to face you again
    i had to taste you once more
    i had to hit that wall
    with you as my mentor

    rising from the bile of today
    i refrain from that touch
    knowing i’ll still feel you tomorrow.
  • dark tranquillity nin exposures in retrospect and denial albümünün ilk cd sinin süper açılış parçası. merak ediyorum bu adamlar bu şarkılara nasıl kıydılar da elediler.sözlerini de vereyim tam olsun:

    nothing of a man was he
    his true face of sleep a deception
    fell through all the way to the bottom
    learned to hold

    again we vowed not to hold sacred
    but to damn that hollow gaze
    unsteady on these shorelines
    mute to an unthought scream
    another word fell silent
    like the static in their eyes
    against all fleeing logic
    we let our minds go

    why define ourselves by misguiding light?
    how can we receive the static in their eyes

    each blink of light an accuser
    each unlit shape an assassin

    crawled the outer rim
    with his back exposed
    the shadows unending
    fought off the stares

    nullify the ego, stay right back
    stay right back
    how can we receive
    the static?

    fear that strangles spirit
    denial speaks the truth
    fear that strangles spirit
    crushes me and you

    wicked are the senses
    wicked are the words
    give me the static
  • (bkz: static x)
  • ayrıca dark tranquillity'ye ait olan static, damage done albüm çalışmaları sırasında kaydedilmiştir.