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  • lightspeed champion şarkısı. güzel mi kötü mü çözememiş olmakla birlikte sözleriyle beni çok güldürdüğünü belirtmeliyim. yani lisede sevgilisi tarafından kıçına tekme yemiş bir ergenin sevgilisine besteleyeceği şarkıdır bu.


    finally, i've given up all hope.
    stay indoors and mope.
    tightening that rope.

    i'm getting burnt more times than i have before.
    i've realised once more
    that everyone's a whore.

    my faggot hair.
    and stupid clothes.
    look good inside closed doors.
    can't take this anymore..

    fall in love, every other day.
    then out of love into space.
    worlds that i create.

    but im learning my lesson all the time.
    learnt from all the crimes.
    and from all your lies.

    immy varmer you're a stupid bitch.
    how could you do this to me...
    stay the fuck away from me...

    stay the fuck away from me.

    model chicks always get me so down.
    curves so smooth and round.
    oh when is it my turn.

    i know my thoughts are so absurd,
    no reason to treat me like a turd.
    in this party i'm the third.

    fall for all your compliments.
    i don't mean to be blunt.
    but why don't you fuck off

    stay the fuck away from me

    it's hot, in my bedroom tonight.
    i'm burning in my lies.
    deceit between your thighs.

    let's keep this one to ourselves.
    ashamed of myself.
    deteriorating health.

    how could i have been so fucking dumb.
    to think that i'm your number one.

    well,baby you flipped the switch.
    so fuck off you bitch.
  • muhtemelen aynen bu şekliyle debra morgan'ın ağzından duyabileceğimiz cümle.

    (bkz: dexter)
  • ing. "benden uzak dur" manasına da -şiddetli bir şekilde- gelen ifade.