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  • kafanın o sebeble ya da bu sebeple dumanlı olması halı
  • pc'deki cok eski bir boot virusu.. (bkz: legalise marijuana)
  • (bkz: patlamak)
  • smash mouth un bir parcasi aha buda sozleri:
    leave me alone i'm over it
    and everybody's movin' on
    i can't see my tomorrow and yesterday has come and gone
    so leave me alone
    my mind is blown but it's my own
    so deal with it
    i'm feeling fine most the time
    i may be on the outside but no ones getting in
    so leave me alone
    we're o.k. reelin' in the days
    we're alright we're just getting high
    let us be it'll be all right
    i got no strife i'm loving life
    could you say the same
    you don't have to move to groove
    so come on up and see me but leave that judge behind
    'cause i'm loving life

    i'm gettin' stoned and what's wrong with that
    the president seems to be just fine
    come on up and see me
    come on up just know that i'm gettin' stoned
    i'm gettin' stoned i'm gettin' stoned i'm gettin' stoned
  • aynı zamanda bir silverchair şarkısı. sevgiliye söylendiğinde karşınızdakinin kendisini mutlu hissetmesini sağlayacak parçalardan. mallrats isimli kevin smith filminin soundtrackinde yer alır. şunlar da sözleri;

    sitting in my bedroom baby
    you know i`m spinning
    haven`t got much headroom
    but i`m only living

    when i`m like this
    i can only just say
    why did you get me into this shit
    help me get out of it now
    i don`t know why you were allowed
    you`ve got me... stoned
    sitting in my bedroom spinning
    stoned, yeah
    you`ve got me stoned
    sitting in my bedroom spinning
    stoned, yeah

    when is this feeling gonna wear away
    i know the devil`s looking up at me
    i hope this feeling`s not gonna stay, never
    you`ve got me stoned
    sitting in my bedroom spinning
    stoned, yeah
    you`ve got me stoned
    sitting in my bedroom spinning
    stoned, yeah
  • 90'li yillarin ortasina kadar acili$ta yazmasi standart olmu$; insanlarin boot a$amasi zannedecegi kadar yayginla$mi$ virustu.
  • kafa bi milyon nun ingilizce versiyonu..
  • 1963 tarihli bluesy bir rolling stones çalışması. i wanna be your man 45'liğinin b yüzündedir.
  • didonun life for rent albumundeki 2. sarkisi:

    when you're stoned, baby, i am drunk
    we make love seems a little dazzler
    it's hard sometimes not to look away
    and think what's the point when i'm having to hold this fine time
    i think i'll explode if i can't feel this free now

    if you won't let me fall for you
    then you won't see the best things i would love to do for you
    instead you will be missing me when i go
    as i want to hang it out in your coat

    i feel love baby, joy in the road
    and the world moves with me
    i feel love start just slip away silently
    quietly take the things and go
    and think what's the point, think where's the hope when coming home

    and if you find one day, find some freedom merrily
    with this freedom maybe, maybe you will find some peace
    with this peace baby, i hope it brings you back to me
    bring you home, take me home

    oh, take me home
    oh, take me home
    when you're stoned, baby, take me home
  • yillar once 5 ceyreklik bir disketle bilgisayar lab'indaki makinelerden birine bulastirdigim virus. ekrana cikan "your pc is now stoned" yazisi oldukca etkiliydi, lab'dan kosarak kacmistim. neyse ki antivirus'ler cikti sonra da kosmaktan vazgectim..