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    sozlerini kopyala yapistir yapayim da tam olsun;

    ı want
    you want
    ı want you to see me
    you want me to see you
    but that won't work
    but we won't work

    you won't
    ı won't
    you won't see me
    and i won't see you anymore
    but i want more
    but you're too far
    so we can't do this any longer

    ı wish i were stronger
    you wish you were closer
    and i wish you were mine
    and you wish i were right there
    by your side

    but you won't, so we won't
    so we don't get to see each other

    but ı like you like
    strawberry ice cream in the summer
    and i know you like
    my old school songs
    our snowball fights
    and you know ı like
    your sleepy voice
    our endless nights

    but you know
    and ı know
    that it won't work
    that we won't work
    ı won't, you won't
    so we won't
    we can't do this any longer