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  • balkan muzigi tadinda enfes bir littlesuns şarkisi https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v5ftuwwo8dl
    one apple, one palm fruit, 30 pounds stewed dog root
    three children play loudly along a sound valley
    want you to be mine, knowing it's not fine, no it's not right, now is not the timeone thing my eyes say when they gaze, upon your gaze upon your light
    let it be right...
    let it be right all around me people seem so, they seem so happy
    how can they be happy, when they know you aren't with me if you could only see the way ı, the way ı dance when i'm aloneyou would marry me certainly nowthere's no doubting no o o with all the troubles this world has going take me in your row
    boat till the sun's not glowing and when the world ain't turning ı can be your sweet delight