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    the first complete "traditionist" (tradition-based) tafsir still extant was authored by tabari (d. 923), on whose work all later exegeses of the same genre have heavily relied. the medieval "rationalist" school was represented by the mu'tazilite zamakhshari (d. 1144) and the ash'arite razi (d. 1149), whose works remained widely read even though by the end of the thirteenth century the preferred form of tafsir was once again traditionbased. it was during the modern age, especially the nineteenth century, that the rationalist tradition emerged afresh, as is visible, for instance, in the many textual echoes of razi's interpretation in the tafsir of the egyptian modernist muhammad abduh (d. 1905).

    kaynak: stowasser, barbara. 1997. gender issues and contemporary quran interpretation. in http://www.amazon.com/…vonne-yazbeck/dp/0195113578/, ed. yvonne yazbeck haddad and john l. esposito. oxford and new york: oxford university press. pp. 30-44.

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