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  • aleister crowley'nin white stains'ini de basan leonard smithers1893 de oscar wilde a ithafen bu anonim eseri 200 kopya basmistir.modern sodomda kiz gibi oglanlar volkanik orgazmlarla tatli tatli düzülür.. mskeli balolar... neden oscar wilde a ithaf edilir derseniz çünkü bazi betimlemeler birbirine çok benzer:dorian gray'de:

    one afternoon, a month later, dorian gray was reclining in a luxurious arm-chair, in the little library of lord henry's house in mayfair. it was, in its way, a very charming room, with its high-panelled wainscoting of olive-stained oak, its cream-coloured frieze and ceiling of raised plasterwork, and its brick-dust felt carpet strewn with silk long-fringed persian rugs. on a tiny satinwood table stood a statuette by clodion, and beside it lay a copy of les cent nouvelles, bound for margaret of valois by clovis eve, and powdered with the gilt daisies that the queen had selected for her device. some large blue china jars and parrot-tulips were arranged on the mantel-shelf, and through the small leaded panels of the window streamed the apricot-coloured light of a summer day in london.

    diyen oscar wilde teleny'de :

    it was a most peculiar room, the walls of which were covered over with some warm, white, soft, quilted stuff, studded all over with frosted silver buttons; the floor was covered with the curly white fleece of white lambs; in the middle of the apartment stood a capacious couch, on which was thrown the skin of a hugh polar bear. over this single piece of furniture, an old silver lamp — evidently from some byzantine church or some eastern synagogue — shed a pale glimmering light, sufficient, however, to light up the dazzling whiteness of this temple of priapus whose votaries we were. ... in an instant i was not only stark naked, but stretched on the bear-skin, whilst he, standing in front of me, was gloating upon me with famished eyes. ... he dragged me with him into a neighbouring room all covered with thick, soft, and silky carpets, the prevailing tone of which was dull turkish red. ... we sat down on a soft-cushioned divan, in front of one of those ebony arab tables all inlaid with coloured ivory and iridescent mother-of- pearl.

    diyemez mi...oscar wilde hayranlari bunu hemen farkeder..
    whistlervari estetizm.zevk araç gereçleri ki bunlar içinde güzel körpe bir oglanin götüne soktuklari ve cikarirken kirdiklari bir sise de bulunmaktadir:

    doing squats upon a large dildo affixed to a base on ... inserting a very large vase into his capacious anus, but the neck of the bottle breaks off inside him
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