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  • cok guzel bir the tea party sarkısı, girisi uzun hava gibi olan ama devamıyla da cok guzel butunlesmis asmıs sarkı

    driven by restrained desire
    i want what i need
    shacking as her sex takes hold
    i've lost all control

    drowning in a sea of rage
    i taste the embrace
    helpless as it steals my soul
    i've lost all control

    we exist in a world where the fear of
    iillusion is real
    and we cling to the past to deny and confuse
    the ideal
    once inside, we can conceive and believe in a god
    we can't feel

    destined by a fate so cruel
    and drugged to delight
    laughing as these lies unfold
    i've lost all control

    it never lets me down
    one foot in the ground
    you satisfy my soul
    i've lost all control
  • ayni zamanda mukemmel bir vast $arkisi .


    i went in the desert
    i went searching for the truth
    i stumbled across you and i
    know you're not the truth
    i went in the ocean
    i came looking for some love
    all i found is that i found
    i haven't found enough
    i stand alone now
    i stand alone
    can you save me from myself
    you are my temptation
    to do what i know is
    you are my temptation
    to do what i knew is wrong
    what i knew is wrong is you
    they've been killing children
    and nobody seems to care
    they've been laughing at my god
    my god wouldn't dare
    you are my temptation

  • utanmadan bir de delerium'un poem albumunun her zamanki gibi super bir parcasi .
  • franks wild years albumunde yer alan bi tom waits sarkisi. insanoglunun bu olgu karsisindaki zayifligiyla alay eden bi sarkidir.
  • ing. i.ayartma
    ii.gunah i$lemeye te$vik
  • bir magister sarkisi.
  • halfordun resurrection albumunun 10.sarkısı.aha sozler:

    [halford/lachman/chlasciak/roy z]

    i know what's going on inside your crooked mind
    i've been around too long to know about your kind
    i made you feel i was a victim of your prey
    i let you tie me down though i can get away

    don't you lead me into temptation
    don't deceive me into temptation

    you gave so much to me you left me feeling numb
    so full of emptiness from stealing what you've done
    how can you bear to stand the life you try to live
    a sad and broken heart is all you've left to give

    don't you lead me into temptation
    don't deceive me into temptation

    a slave to your touch
    i can't run cause i'm blind
  • gorunen o ki her grubun omurlerinde en az bir kere $arkilarina isim olarak verdikleri kelime.