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  • galaksinin kenarinda, pek dogal kaynagi falan olmayan bir gezegendir. gorunuste imparatorluk ansiklopedistleri uzak tutmak icin buraya surmu$se de aslinda bu gezegen hari seldon tarafindan onceden bilincli olarak secilmis ve planlar tamamen buna gore yapilmi$tir.
  • skyclad'in "the wayward sons of mother earth" albümünde yer alan harika parça:


    [intro:] 'megeddo's gateway.'
    hunter of the silent darkness--
    mighty steel leviathan,
    rise from your nocturnal vigil--
    'davey jones' the time has come.
    send spitting fires and roaring thunder--instigate poseidon's wrath,
    unleash the terrors of the deep uncertain of the aftermath.
    attack is the best form of defense--fingers on a keyboard play,
    when genocide's a numbered sequence death is but a breath away.
    i. i hear sirens screaming--
    c. see lightning rip the sky,
    b. be afraid my darling--
    m. embrace me as we die.
    dark clouds gather (tensions mounting)--current tides are making waves,
    they navigate a sea of tears--above them storms in tea-cups rage.
    only jonah 'neath the ocean witnesses the damage done,
    but can't turn back the hands of time--none can unload a smoking gun.
    i. i hear sirens screaming--
    c. see lightning rip the sky,
    b. be afraid my darling--
    m. embrace me as we die.
    the lords of fleet street speculate--as noble statesmen mediate,
    they tread on thin ice cracked by hate--one slip could spell disaster.
    we gave you power to decide--but now you gamble with our lives,
    we've all been taken for a ride--next stop the hereafter.
    these implements of science-friction--
    are the pawns of power play,
    by splitting hairs and splitting atoms--
    they'll kill us all the 'new-clear' way.
    entice us through megeddo's gateway on this final exodus,
    as flesh is turned to ash and vapour by the fires of 'terminus.'
  • absu'nun the third storm of cythraul albumunden bir parca. tam adi "terminus (...in the eyes of ioldanach)" seklindedir.


    "he who lives alone, longs only for mercy, the mercy of falling on his side.
    the brave have perished in laurel-crowned glory, yet the brave shall carry
    the name of eire into eternity."

    "eternity is like a flame, it's essence is so limitless."

    "eternity is a deathless pith covering the southern and burning shores of his
    paradise, the tir na n'og. when legends of steel were strong, it was louder
    than any uproar of thunder."

    "...of celtic fire, he was born. he will live on... f o r e v e r."

    [ equitant ifernain ]
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  • roma mit'inde sinir ta$larini ve tarla sinirlarini koruyan gumrukcu tanri. ciftciler, onuruna 23 $ubatta terminalia $enlikleri duzenlemi$tir.
  • in flames-my sweet shadow'a benzettiğim insanı heyecanlandıran fiction eseri.
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  • atlanta'nin 1845 te degistirilmis olan ve son istasyon manasina gelen eski adi...
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