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  • jenny lewis şarkısı, bob dylan sakalından da sözeder, sözleri de şöyle:
    ıf ı run uphill ı'm out of breath
    ıf ı spend all of my money then ı've got no money left
    ıf ı place all of my chips on only one bet
    ı'm all in

    and it's a surefire bet ı'm gonna die
    so ı'm taking up praying on sunday nights
    and it's not that ı believe in your almight
    but ı might as well as insurance or bail

    cause institution's like a big bright light
    and it blinds you into fear and consuming and fight
    and you've been in the desert underneath the charging sky
    ıt's just you and god
    but what if god's not there?
    but his name is on your dollar bill
    which just became cab fare

    for the evangelist, the communist, and the lefts and the rights
    and the hypocrites and the jesuits and the blacks and the whites
    ıt's in the belly of the beast
    ın the atlanta streets
    or up in laurel canyon
    the verge of the middle east

    still they're dying on the dark continent
    ıt's been happening long enough to mention it
    have ı mentioned my parents are getting back together again
    ıt's been 25 years
    of spreading infection
    somehow we're not affected

    so my mom, she brushes her hair
    and my dad starts growing bob dylan's beard
    and ı share with my friends a couple of beers
    ın the orlando streets
    ın the belly of the beast