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  • bir overkill - the killing kind şarkısı.

    cool muthafucka in a deep blue sea,
    i said i loose my mind.
    cool muthafucka in through what i see,
    i said that i don't mind.

    he said walk on through, we been waitin' for you,
    there's a place set at the table...
    welcome, home is where the heart is,
    and since ya been gone my heart's been broke in two.

    your return among the strangest see,
    your life's gone through some changes,
    don't recognise... you...
    don't don't don't don't don't recognise...

    down home to the cool cool water...
    down home to the cleansing water...

    cool muthafucka said i know your name,
    but do ya know your god?
    cool muthafucka said i had your pain,
    ya, then i blew my wad.

    my god made love and my god made pain,
    i feel at home among the insane,
    i see sunshine in the pourin' rain,
    welcome home oh yes i recognise you...

    see ya been rearranged to suit,
    and you know we'll never change,
    what they put ya through....
    what they put, what they put, what they putcha...

    move it to the right now.

    jesus cleanse me, can you hear him? jesus cleanse me now...
  • 2007 çıkışlı suicide silence albümü.
  • suicide silence'ın debut albümü.


    1. revelations (intro)
    2. unanswered
    3. hands of a killer
    4. the price of beauty
    5. the fallen
    6. no pity for a coward
    7. the disease
    8. bludgeoned to death
    9. girl of glass
    10. in a photograph
    11. eyes sewn shut
    12. green monster
    13. destruction of a statue

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