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  • nargaroth'un güzel bir şarkısı. adından da anlaşılacağı üzere black metal müziğinin en önemli gününden bahsediyor.


    a year of misery?
    darkness fills the sky.
    ı hear the warriors cry.
    the legend tells a story
    from a viking from the north,
    who met a death warrior
    black metal was never really the same.
    the legend call it murder
    and the viking had survived.
    but the eyes of the death warrior
    never saw again the sun upon the sky.
    and the quintessence:
    everyone recognized war,
    that black metal isn't just
    entertainment anymore.
    ı can still remember
    my emotions so confused.
    my soul was seeking answers.
    no knife ı let unused.
    so many questions
    ı had to satisfy.
    my soul was under torture,
    but ı knew my way was right
    ı see a cemetery fall asleep under fog
    and ı know the old days will never come
    1993, this year of misery was the knife
    which split the black metal scene apart.
    since that mighty day black metal split his way,
    and the unity was never the same again.
    lies, rumors and hate. moneymaking, sadness
    and shame
    and all this by, the day as burzum killed mayhem.
    remember this day! remember this way!
    that you never betray, what here leads you
    on your way!
    and ı never will forget
    the day as this both warriors met.
    the blood was hot the moon was red
    and black metal created his own grave.
    and ı dream from days before
    black metal maniacs, no whore,
    ın the legions of war
    the demons in our heads the law.
    so ı summon you once again,
    we should never forget the pain
    from older days in our veins
    we now cut of that it can flow like rain.
    arrghh, this was the legend from
    the day as burzum killed mayhem.