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  • chaka khan'ın soyledıgı bir herbie hancock parcasi.
    mc conrad'ın gazları eşliginde ltj tarafından bi rmx ı mevcut oldugu gibi bill laswell'in produktorlugunu yaptigi future 2 future isimli albumde de bi versiyonu var, ayrıca dj krush ve joe claussell rmxleri de mevcut.
  • vintersorg'un the focusing blur albümünden bir parça. vokal düzenlemeleri ile akustik ve elktro gitarın uyumu duyulmaya değerdir.
  • birdenbire gaza gelip cosan ve sonra yine birden akustiklesen harika bir sarkı bu.*

    an extension of the theories
    gravitates across the seas
    changing the accepted terms,
    but still it only confirms
    that it is as equal close (or far)
    to an atom as it's to a star

    we know that signals trigger nerves,
    but what starts the signal's curves?
    that's in charge of every thought,
    from that source our conscious is taught
    that it is as equal close (or far)
    to an atom as it's to a star

    so, is knowledge a friend or a foe?
    'cause you don't suffer from what you don't know
    but in arguments we hunt the reasons
    that explains the thesis's seasons
    chaos, order and complexity,
    that challenges our intellectuality
    for things that lie in the asymmetric hole,
    for too long, we've given the devil that role

    we're the parameter that draws
    the map of the existing laws
    to break those laws isn't a crime,
    it solved newton's conflict with "time"

    into the arena einstein stepped
    and widened the universal concept
    he opened a new detecting phase,
    but dark matter is still a maze

    analysis with a microscope
    only tenses the polymathic rope
    in that focus we eagerly stir,
    but the focus seems more like a blur

    "our quest of the highest theory,
    is controlled by that theory,
    so the way we think
    is the closest link?
    an expedition through different views
    gives us richly faceted clues,
    let us focus on some of the elements
    that's a source for endless experiments"
  • (bkz: #8378580)
  • vintersorg'un vokalinin oldukça sağlam olduğu pek güzel şarkı.
  • şu sıralar favorim olan vintersorg parçası.bahsi geçen akustik bölümde vokal inanılmaz güzelliktedir.insan bütün gece loopa alıp dinleyebilir.
  • bir başka gaz firewind şarkısı.
    ortalamanın üstündeki şarkılarındandır.
    2006 çıkışlı allegiance albümünden.

    the more i know, the more i hear
    it only makes me think
    uncertain is our time, and dear
    and what is to remain?

    you walked thru fire
    you carried your own cross
    and you can't deny it
    the sickness has no cause
    in my darkest and sleepless nights
    i want you to stand by my side
    in the coldest of all times
    i want you to be the light

    the essence of it all
    it's to live your life
    cause right before the storm
    a new hope will arise

    you have to face it
    the battle for you life has just begun
    oh, there's no denying
    still fighting through the shadows of your soul
    so i'm starting to lose my own faith
    feels like no one's around
    confusion is dazing my life
    i have to conquer my fears

    the essence of it all
    it's to live your life
    cause right before the storm
    a new hope will arise
  • (bkz: out of grace)
  • 2oo6 tarihli allegiance albümünde yer alır bu güzel firewind şarkısı. gus g'nin güzel solosuyla süslüdür.

  • hollandalı rock grubu olan varyasyonu da kesinlikle dinlenilmeli. endless lakes şahane gerisi bahane