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  • elektronik muzik yapan amerikali bir grup. hafif bir cure havasi tasirlar..
  • jeff diehm, peter j. gorritz ve rick joyce adlı kişilerden oluşan güzel grup.

    (bkz: goth band)
  • ken hensley'in blood on the highway albümündeki muhteşem kapanış şarkısı.

    i met a sad old gypsy on the road to berlin
    by chance i got to spend a little time with him
    we shared a few life stories on that dusty old train
    so i thought i'd take a minute
    just to share them again with you

    he talked of all the twists and turns he'd taken in life
    and how his spirit clung to god to do what was right
    sure he got the prize but he never counted the cost
    i felt his pain as he shared with me all that he had lost

    if you could only see what was there in his eyes
    an eternity of wandering in search of the prize
    he'd had it all, the money, all the fame and romance
    and now he shed a tear as he faced the last dance

    the blessing comes but once he said
    but it's not for you, it must be shared
    and if you keep it to yourself
    you'll be no use to anyone else
    and he who gives will take away
    and you will face the same dark day
    that even now is all my pain
    i'll never have this dance again

    chances, dances, how quickly this life passes
    all our hopes and all our dreams
    get lost in all our selfish schemes
    you see, it's not about you, it's not about me
    it's about loving something we can't see
    it's all about what we are willing to share
    it's about our hearts and who lives there

    as the train rolled into the city
    he shook his head as if to say
    it's your turn now, just know the game
    that you're about to play
    and it seemed as if right there and then
    a light came to his eyes
    as he exchanged the dance of life
    for a far better prize

    and so the tired old gypsy drifted slowly away
    beaten by the game he'd taught so many to play
    he said "i'd do it all again if i had the chance"
    but i'm ready now for one more bow
    i'll take the last dance
  • aynı zamanda full house yedinci sezon on yedinci bölümünün adı.
  • aynı zamanda saved by the bell üçüncü sezon birinci bölümünün adı.
  • whispers in rage albümünde nightmares adlı şarkının muhteşem olduğu goth band

    "within my heart, in this moment ı could scream
    from your whisper ı'm bleeding
    ınto a dream, to live for another day"
  • https://bleacherreport.com/…ntary-from-espn-netflix

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  • (bkz: 30 for 30)
  • 2020'ye ertelenmiş michael jordan belgeseli. 6-7 ay 2019 diye reklam yapıp sonraki seneye ertelemek hiç hoş olmadı. daha önce görülmemiş görüntüler son şampiyonluğu hakkında olacakmış.

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