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  • gumbur gumbur bir lunatica parcasi. speed metal, power metal, kalabalik koro, bir ben yokum $arkida anasini satayim.
  • michael ende'nin kitabı için (bkz: die unendliche geschichte)*
  • fuchur isminde yüzü köpeğe benzeyen çok sempatik uçan bir ejderhanın olduğu gençliğimizin filmi.
  • cocukken izleseydim cok begenevegimden suphem yoktu. ama yillar sonra simdi, malesef.

    yine de hakkimi vereyim muzikler cok guzel.
  • çocukken izleyip unuttuğum bir filmmiş. şimdi netflix'de tekrar izleyince çocukluğumun bazı imgelerinin bu filmden kalma olduğunu anımsayıp şaşırdım.
  • jay electronica'nin bugun cikardigi a written testimony albumunden shaytani bol bir sarki inshallah.

    [verse 1: jay electronica]
    have you ever heard the tale of
    the noblest of gentlemen who rose up from squalor?
    tall, dark, and decked out in customary regalia
    smellin' like paraphernalia
    hailin' from the home of mahalia
    his uptown smile was gold like a frankie beverly day
    his favorite song from prince was not "raspberry beret"
    it was "sometimes it snows ın april"
    he was brought up by the faithful
    in the cage of every unclean bird, ungrateful and hateful
    the legend of the clandestine reverend from the bricks
    with the master's grip to pull the sleeping giant out the ditch
    and i ain't even have to wiggle my nose like bewitched
    i just up-shift to six, convert the v4 to a broomstick
    though i tarry through the valley of death, my lord give me pasture
    if you want to be a master in life, you must submit to a master
    i was born to lock horns with the devil at the brink of the hereafter
    me, the socket, the plug, and universal adapter
    the prodigal son who went from his own vomit
    to the top of the mountain with five pillars and a sonnet
    the autobiography read quranic
    spread love like kermit the frog, that permeate the fog
    i'm at war like the dukes of hazard against the bosses of the hogs
    gip-gip-giggity, alchemist put the icing on the soliloquy
    let it be forever known that i niced up to pen something considerably
    jay electollah flomeini mainly is support mainly
    the fatwa he issued on al-shay?an was delivered plainly
    it's the day of qiyamah
    to the believers, i bring you tidings of joy
    but if you want beef, i'll filet mignon ya
    you could catch me bummy as fuck or decked out in designer
    on l-10 west to the desert, on a diavel like a recliner
    listen to everything from a lecture
    from the honorable minister louis farrakhan
    to serge gainsbourg or madonna or a podcast on piranhas
    what a time we livin' in, just like the scripture says
    earthquakes, fires, and plagues, the resurrection of the dead

    [verse 2: jay-z]
    i'm a miracle born with imperial features
    i'm a page turner, sage burner, santeria
    chongón, december baby, my orishas
    saint hov, story takes place in ancient egypt
    they'll cut off the nose to spite their face, they'll steal ya jesus
    i can't tell hattie white that blue-eyed version is make believe stuff
    she throw me out the house, say, "ye deliver us from this heathen"
    ı say that to ms. tina she'll sneeze at sun, her photic reflex
    they both had straighten combs, little did they know
    i hold the heat next
    neither two, can be used to fix our defects
    p.s. we born perfect, fuck all the b.s
    everybody wanna be us for real, we just gotta see us

    [outro: the-dream]
    i tried to turn a page, over a zillion times
  • çocukluğuma dair hatırladığım en güzel çizgi film.