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  • dilated peoples'in 2000 senesi albumu. oldukca basarili bir baslangic yapmis amcalar. usenmedim, yazicam tum parcalari

    1. so may i introduce to you
    2. the platform
    3. no retreat
    4. guaranteed
    5. right on
    6. the main event
    7. service
    8. ear drums pop
    9. years in the making
    10. annihilation
    11. expanding man
    12. the last line of defense
    13. triple optics
    14. the shape of things to come
    15. work the angels
    16. ear drums (remix)
  • dilated peoples'in ayni isimli albumunun soz ve ses acisindan en guzel parcasi.

    "you've done nothing" 2x
    (uh-huh, yeah, the platform sound)

    "dilated" "mind created minds"

    (we takin this worldwide) "every word is heat"

    "dilated expand" "that platform sound"

    aiyyo the platform, watch the stormtroopers swarm
    the death star's more than the devilish dawn
    it's where evil and the force manifest their form
    it's no good without bad and no night without morn
    it's relativity, balance, stability
    it's creativity, talents, ability
    rakka shift the modes of the wizard and the warrior
    hip hop-up and move to strike like a lawyer
    quick to be like "fuck a rapper after what i'm after"
    friendly how you front, but behind me talkin backwards
    basically i'm down to build but stay ready for battle
    plus most of you ? oh, i mean cattle
    the catalyst, never rock the mic in vain
    energy ain't created or destroyed, it's changed
    the dilated peoples hit you wit the big bang
    and theories that the red shift couldn't explain

    "you wanna front war" "you've done nothing"

    [chorus] 2x
    aiyyo the platform, takes respect to perfect the artform
    at times a battleground where rappers get their hearts torn
    "you wanna front war" "you've done nothing"

    cuz when i step off, then step back on
    son you'll never catch me preach-ing what i'm not practic-ing
    word war ii, platform the illest flows
    i know my hunger's real, i still get nauseous at shows
    my motto, i didn't write but this i quote:
    "it ain't where you put your words, it's where you don't"
    end quote, and wit this in mind
    yo i bring flows more rare than black quarterbacks
    i never got sacked, or pushed ten yards back
    we could go rhyme for rhyme, line for line or track for track
    and after that, the crowd'll react
    to the future we are the magnetic attract
    two-thousand twenty, confusin no doubt
    i catch the story of your life on vh1 where are they now?
    and as for mine, i'll be sixty in my prime
    still science and theories, and droppin rhymes on time

    "you wanna front war"

    chorus 2x

    aiyyo i seen apathy, met love and know hate
    i'm heavy on the mic, can you handle the weight?
    either you learn to adapt or you're sealin your fate
    only brave when you get more dusted than home plate
    rockin d&d wit the alchemist and babs
    and after the lab, we send ev to catch the cab
    platform troop, make moves and stay true
    rock steady-zulu creates a devastate crew

    yo i platform my strategy, mix words wit alchemy
    evidence, i won't get caught shot on the balcony
    between you and i, i'll tell you, here's the diff
    gun to your head, your dead, pointblank, i shapeshift
    that's right, study chemistry like al
    life, use your potential or steve howe
    i'm about to call it quits, like too much weight'll break your rack mount
    the man'll make you move yo, so make your move a backout

    "you wanna front war"

    chorus 2x

    "every word is lethal" "dilated expand"
    "that platform sound" "you've done nothing"
    "that platform sound"
  • bu şarkı 2000 senesinde çıkmıştır ve şarkıda grup elemanlarından evidence şöyle bir cümle sarfeder:

    “2020, confusing, no doubt”

    geleceği görmüş, hala keyifle dinlenebilen bir şarkıdır.